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Sweet Shot Tuesdays

What is Sweet Shot Tuesday?

Sweet Shot Tuesday is a photo linky blog hop that encourages photographers to link up their best shot of the week. Each Tuesday, a new linky will be created so you can link to your favorite photo. The linky goes up very late Monday night / Tuesday morning and stays up until Saturday at midnight CST.

What inspired Sweet Shot Tuesday?

I love photography. Sometimes I need motivation to get out there and click, especially if it’s not for a paid job. There are other photo linky parties out there, but I often found I didn’t have the right shot for the theme of the week, or the rules for participation were too restrictive, or the subject matter too limiting. I thought, “Wouldn’t it be great to have a day for photographers of ALL skill levels to share our favorite shot of the week, without all the restrictive themes and subjects?!

Well, I kept waiting for that to happen. And I never did find such a thing. So I took the initiative.

Who can participate?

I welcome everyone to participate. There is no judgement here. No intimidation. If you own a camera, you are a photographer. I’d love if you would participate.

Are there themes of the week of what we have to link to?

No. Please link to your favorite shot of the week. People, animals, still life, nature. If it’s family-friendly content, it’s welcome here.

Can I post old photos?

I really encourage you to post new photos, so that you’re driven to get out there and shoot. But the Sweet Shot Police won’t come get you if you post an older photo. The main idea here is simply to encourage your love and growth as a photographer.

How do I participate?

Post your favorite “sweeet shot” on your blog or Flickr or photo sharing site of choice. You must link up to a permalink. If you link directly to your blog or photo stream it will be deleted. I’m so sorry to have to do that; I really don’t like having to delete posts. But I’ve made a tutorial to help make it very easy to participate! What is a permalink? How do I find mine?

Why was my photo deleted?

I’m always very sorry to have to and if it’s deleted, I’d love if you tried again! Links are deleted for:
Linking to the blog URL instead of the permalink, questionable content, or if I receive an email about offensiveness or copyrights.
I will also delete images that reveal too much – particularly on children. Tub pics are cute, but no parts, please.
Please know, I really don’t like policing SST and believe in art as art.

I have a small business, can I promote my product on a Sweet Shot Tuesday?

I am happy to promote relevant crafters, entrepreneurs and business products. If you think your business or product is a good match for photo enthusiasts, I welcome you to contact me. Sweet Shot Tuesday had nearly 2000 unique viewers on its launch day, and I anticipate it to grow as word spreads. I do not charge companies for this promotional placement, but I do ask that you sponsor a giveaway in exchange for the promotion.

Do you have a button so I can share Sweet Shot Tuesday with my readers?

Absolutely! Copy and paste it into your post or into a text widget (WordPress) or an Html/Java gadget (Blogger) in your sidebar. Thank you for helping to spread the word!

Sweet Shot Day

Anything else I should know?

Here are some netiquette and helpful hints:

  • Link up early – stats show those near the beginning get a lot more traffic than those further down the line.
  • Be the encouragement you wish to receive! What’s a party if no one talks to you? Please comment on some of the other entries.
  • Please make it easy to leave comments. Word captchas and complicated comment processes discourages feedback.
  • Absolutely no inappropriate photos will be accepted. If your image offends any of the participants, I get the final call.
  • Please make sure you hold the copyrights for the photos you post. I won’t be responsible for policing ownership. If you didn’t take the photo, don’t post it.
  • If you have a music player on your blog, please be considerate of visitors and make the default be off with the option to turn on. Unexpected noise is startling, and forces some people to quickly close the window before they even get to see your beautiful photography.

Mostly, I hope that this will be a fun way to encourage you to get behind the lens of your camera and shoot, shoot, shoot!

(What are you still doing here? Get shootin’!)