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Um, hi. Remember me?

So, my 15 month old MacBook Pro hasn’t been waking up from sleep mode with increasing frequency. Up until this week, taking the battery out fixes it. ‘Cept Wednesday it didn’t. I take it in. They reset the power shmashmashma and send me home. Computer works perfectly for a day, then dies in my arms. […]

Launching My New Site

Ohhhh I feel like a new grad on the morning of his first interview for that big job. Why??? I have launched the new design site over at Graphically Designing. And this is a big move! The blogginess of it all is gone. It a full-blown, grown-up girl site. Eeeeek! And I’ve got butterflies! (I […]

Bloggy Love

For awhile now, I’ve been wanting to share some of my favorite things around the blogosphere. My feed reader is about to implode because I have been working hard to whittle down the design queue over at Graphically Designing. I call it Taming of the Queue. *snort* I crack me up. I’m such a dweeb. […]

Photos: Digital Media #3

If you’re just joining me here at lwm3b, this is the 3rd installment about organizing, storing, backing up and editing your digital photos. Got a new digital camera for Christmas? Start with: Digital Media #1Digital Media #2 … then come back and join us. Okay, so far you have:– taken lots of photos with your […]

Photos: Digital Media #2

If you aren’t sure how to handle all your digital media: photos, editing and storage I recommend you start with my first post, Photos: Digital Media #1, then come back up and continue with this post. So, when we left off you had:– taken lots of photos with your digital camera.– purchased the largest memory […]

Photos: Digital Media #1

In case you’ve been in a cave for the past week, it’s 2009. 😉 And in 2009, it’s all about digital media. Digital photos, digital storage, digital editing. One email I’ve been getting lately isn’t, “What kind of camera do you have?” But, “What do you do with all your photos? How to you fix, […]