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Yet another Blissdom recap.

I’ve now read dozens of Blissdom recaps, people who have put into words what I’ve thus far failed to do. But my mind works in photos, so I hope I can tell my story like a picture book. I will definitely miss stuff, and leave out people – still this post will be too long. […]

Blissdom Introduction

Each time I do this I wonder why… but I saw a few others around the blogosphere and really appreciated the introduction, so here’s mine. I hope you’ll consider linking up with a hello so we can recognize you and know who to look for. If you’d like to participate, it isn’t necessary to make […]

This one’s for my mom.

My very favorite moment on Thanksgiving happened before the turkey even came off the grill… before the mashed potatoes… before the sweet potatoes… even before the hors devours. My mom had been texting my sister MOBS (the baby of the family) all morning saying Thanksgiving won’t be the same without her. MOBS got married last […]

Looking for me?

In its freshman year, the I_Blog Conference is going to be a great start to what I hope grows into the biggest blog conference in the midwest. Blog conferences are a great way to network, learn and meet other geeks writers, photographers, or memory keepers like you. I mean, you can’t really talk about blogging […]

Some things I learned on vacation…

I love vacations. I love closing the computer, pretending the internets don’t exist. Not cooking. Not cleaning after cooking. Not cleaning period. I also learn a lot. Really useful things, such as: If you eat out 2 meals a day for 12 days straight the likelihood of someone in your family getting food poisoning is […]

10 states, 3 time zones, 2 weeks: Best Trip Ever.

Iowa, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, Colorado, Nebraska and back to Iowa. I’m exhauted just typing it. The new van has been baptized in all sorts of ways. 😉 (I’ll spare you the details. You’re welcome.) We put 3,000 miles on her over the last 2 weeks while we toured the southwest […]