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On our anniversary…

I love the way my name sounds when he says it. I love the way he dances – carefree and hysterical. I love the way he goes searching for weather radios at 3am, herds us together, and hovers protectively. I love the way he smiles when I prepare his favorite meals. I love that he […]

Happy Father’s Day!

From my crew to you. xoxoxo! This image is linked up to Sweet Shot Tuesday and Tuesdays Unwrapped over at Chatting at the Sky.


I’ve absolutely loved the holiday time out. I don’t know about you, but this year we really tried to take life slow and Just Be. I’m in an age and stage of life that I adore. My husband is young, healthy, funny and a joy to have home on his days off. My boybarians are […]


What do you like to do on your wedding anniversary? If you and your husband are total dorks, like me and Handy Man, you spend it experimenting with f-stops, soft boxes and Photoshop, photographing each other – not to look cozy and romantic – but like you should be holding up a plate with your […]

In 60 more payments, she’ll be all mine.

*sigh* In case you were ever wondering what happens after your beloved van goes down, down, down as the flames get higher… and it burns, burns, burns like a ring of fire (name the song!), turns out your sentence reward is 60 months and this sweet baby: Don’t get me wrong, she is shhhhhhhmmaaaaancy. GPS […]

No one can say I’m not a green driver.

I drove my car until it died. It’s not a pretty ending. And people can make fun of minivans all they want; I loved mine (may she rest in peace). But, instead of be-boping out of state like savvy little travelers, the boybarians and I barely made it half-away across the state when the car […]