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Being Intentional about Portraiture

“The cobbler’s wife goes unshod.” Such is blog of the blog designer and the family portraits of the photographer. While I’m often snapping pics of my kids, I rarely intentionally set out to get their portraits. So I’ve decided to try and be intentional about photographing my kids’ portraits – not just snapshots of them […]

I love this kid.

But you know what I reeeeeaaaallly love? His awesome sense of fashion.

Hey there, Cowgirl. I’m talkin’ to you.

Guess what’s coming out tomorrow in theaters? We are not the least bit excited. No siree. Not one. single. bit.

Happy Birthday, Trouble!

Just a few snapshots from Trouble’s celebration. This year it was all about Toy Story Legos. Because, you know, we needed more of those in our house.

Bittersweet dichotomy

Today my baby is seven. And I’m a little bit sad. And I’m a little bit glad. Such is the bittersweet dichotomy of motherhood. Happy birthday, Trouble. Mommy loves you.

Unplugged in Pella

Friday night I closed my computer and I didn’t turn it on until Sunday afternoon. This is the longest it’s stayed closed in a long time. Now, I did have a photoshoot Saturday, so I still worked for a few hours but I wasn’t online at all. And. it. was. AWESOME. Iowa is experiencing an […]