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p52 Week 18: Fiesta or Siesta

Week 18: April 29 – May 5 Fiesta or Siesta It’s almost Cinco de Mayo (cha-cha-cha) and that means we’re celebrating in Spanish this week! For those of you who didn’t suffer through 2 years of high school Español, like I did – fiesta means party and siesta is a rest. So, that’s quite a […]

p52 Week 17: Green

Week 17: April 22 – April 28 Green The color green. Being green. (It ain’t easy… bein’ green!) Doesn’t matter how you interpret it, this week’s theme is green. I had to delete a few entries over the last few weeks – people linking up with no mention of the theme or p52. I really […]

P52: Week 16 Things that Grow

Week 16: April 15 – April 21 Things that Grow I got emails about how tough last week’s topic was, so I hope this week was a bit easier. This time of year most of us are starting to see peeps of things that grow in the ground, as well as we’re surrounded by pets, […]

p52 Week 15: Sacrifice

Week 15: April 8 – April 14 I wanted to pick themes that went with the holidays and seasons. Since we have participants from several countries and cultures – I wanted to avoid something that echoed only my own, like bunnies or eggs or something like that. This week’s theme is sacrifice. I thought it […]

p52 Week 14: Foolin’ Around

Week 14: April 1 – April 7 Are you an April Fool’s Day kind of person? Seems there are two camps – those who love it and those who don’t. It doesn’t seem like much of a lukewarm kind of holiday. Did you play any pranks this year? Did anyone get you? I’ve added several […]

P52 Week 13: Details

Week 13: March 25 – March 31 How often do we overlook the minutia? The little fingers, long eye lashes, little dimples, sweet toes, whiskers… This week focuses on the details of the faces and places we love most. Later in the week, I’ll be pulling ideas from the Facebook page list of suggestions for […]