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Be Prepared | 31 Days of Photo Tips, Day 29

For reasons you may not be able to explain, there will be photos you love – caught when you least expect it. “Wonder” – 50mm f/1.4 – ISO 640 – f/1.4 – 1/30 sec – SOOC Because 10 year old boys are hard to impress. Because wonder does have an expression. Because it will never […]

Smile and say Cheeeeeeeese! | 31 Days of Photo Tips, Day 20

This post could have a thousand subtitles, such as: It’s okay to photograph your subjects not smiling. It’s okay to photograph the back of your subjects’ heads. It’s okay to photograph your subject looking off camera. Heck, it’s even okay to photograph your subjects with their eyes closed. Now that we know how to work […]

Sweet Shot Tuesday

I’m all a flutter for tomorrow’s (oh, tonight’s if you’re reading this on Tuesday!) twitter party. I hope you’ll come be part of the conversation, even if you don’t have questions. I hope it will be a gathering of photo enthusiasts all sharing the twitterverse. The only difference is that we’ve got Kent there who […]

Thanks for spending 31 days with me. | Day 31

I can’t believe we’ve been together for 31 days! Special thanks again to Nester for assembling this motley crew. And additional thanks to Emily, Emily, Jen, Kendra, Melissa, and Sandy for allowing me in such great company. On Day 1 I told the story that flipped the switch for me – how losing all those […]

My Photography Workflow | Day 30

I get asked a lot how I go from shoot to delivery, and I’ll preempt by saying – I have no idea if this is how others do it or not. There isn’t a right or wrong way but this is what works for me. I shoot in RAW. Please notice I didn’t debate jpg […]

12 Tips for Sharper Images | Day 29

1. Proper Exposure & Good Lighting Under exposure sets you up for noise and distortion, over-exposure blows out pixel information. You will not get tack sharp images in poor lighting situations. 2. Hold the Camera Steady So this may elicit some “duuuhhhhhh”s – but… Are you guilty of an over-grip on your camera? Tsk, tsk, […]