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Filling Shoeboxes – Memories not to Miss | 31 Days of Photo Tips, day 31

Okay, so mostly I’ve been talking about photography in terms of being a successful photographer – making better images so the meaningful moments you do capture are beautiful. But over these 31 days together, my goal was to make sure you had more than just part of a shoebox of photos for all your kids’ […]

Be a Critic | 31 Days of Photo Tips, Day 30

There’s a lot of negative connotation around the word critic. And rightly so. My mind’s eye summons a curmudgeony food critic. Or those move critics. I can pretty much guarantee I’ll love the movies they hate and hate they movies they love. When someone is described as critical, it’s rarely a compliment. But Merriam-Webster defines […]

How to care of your jpg image files | 31 Days of Photo Tips, Day 28

We’ve worked through how to take lots and lots of beautiful photos. Now we need to take care of those files, right? See this pretty image? Recently I was lucky enough to photograph her and her family. Yes, they were all that easy on the camera. But what happens if you have an image like […]

Tutorial: How to Fix an Underexposed Photo | 31 Days of Photo Tips, Day 27

Yesterday we tackled fixing an overexposed image. Today we’re doing just the opposite – here’s how to fix an underexposed image. The easiest way to make sure you’re able to recover pixels if you over- or underexpose is to shoot RAW. By doing so, you have the best chance of making that too-dark photo look […]

Tutorial: How to Fix an Overexposed Photo | 31 Days of Photo Tips, Day 26

The challenge with fixing blown out images is that you cannot recover the hot spots. All those blown-out, pure-white pixels are irretrievable. But there are ways to help repair the images using a combination of the exposure and recovery sliders in ACR and the paint brush, clone brush, patching and content aware fill in Photoshop. […]

Using Batch Editing for Fast Post Production | 31 Days of Photo Tips, day 25

Yesterday we fixed color casting using ACR, but did you know you can do all or batches of photos at once? It’s super simple and reduces your editing time so you can spend less time at the computer and more time behind your lens. It’s good, right? I’m going to demonstrate using Adobe Camera Raw […]