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Sweet Shot Tuesday

As I sit here sipping my lukewarm latte (how many times do you nuke yours before you get a chance to sit and finish it???) I realize this is our 85th Sweet Shot Tuesday. We’re actually approaching the two-year mark – although I break each October for the 31 Day Photography Series. For those of […]

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Happy Thanksgiving!

I didn’t bring my big girl camera to Thanksgiving. I know, shocking, right? But today isn’t about portraiture. It’s about family. It’s about being in the moment instead of being a spectator to the moment. An iPhone is a perfectly legit camera. That point-n-shoot in your purse will record memories just as well. So, today […]

For Emma

Last night, her family said goodbye to 9-year-old Emma Grace. Nothing I write here could be enough. Instead I’ll let this photo say much more than a thousand words. Please, please hold this family in your thoughts. If you’d like to send Heather a message, please visit Especially Heather. (comments are closed on this post.)

Pretty Monday – Manly Detox Day

I don’t know about you but after a weekend of way too many manly things – like football and buffalo chicken dip – it’s nice to have Monday here with some pretties. Some of you are either way excited your team won, way bummed that it didn’t, or like me, couldn’t care less about the […]

Happy Birthday, Edie!

I first met Edie at the Midwest Homeschool Conference in Cincinnati in 2009 – but had been in love with her through her blog long before that. I mean any girl who could break the rules of all color and paint her cabinets turquoise was daring, bold, fun, funky, stylish and I had to meet […]

For Edie…

Many of you may have heard around the blogosphere about Edie who blogs at LifeinGrace. Early in the morning, last Tuesday, her home was destroyed in a fire. With great Mercy, no one was hurt. Her children, husband and even the family’s dogs escaped unharmed. AMEN! But they’ve been left with this: When I think […]