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Keep Calm, A Grammar Lesson for Photographers

Mercy. I was not going to write this post and be that vile grammarian who furiously and self-righteously taps out some venomous post about how photographers cannot pluralize the word photo. But oh! my! word! So tonight I’m blog hopping from Pinterest, checking out photographers’ sites, looking for color inspiration… … and it’s too much. […]

I love this kid.

But you know what I reeeeeaaaallly love? His awesome sense of fashion.

El No Photoshopo.

Did you ever watch Airplane the movie? Quite possibly the goofiest movie ever, after maybe only Fletch. Cracks me up every time. In Airplane, the sign flashes “El No A You Smoko”. It’s been a running joke (in my head) since the 80s. Airplane and Fletch. Great nonsense. So, it’s no secret that I’m in […]

Gussy Winner & Hello 1987.

The winner of the Gussy gift card is #32 – Becca from Just One More Trip – who posted this adorable contribution to Sweet Shot Tuesday: Please email me with your contact info, Becca, so I can pass it along to my friend Gussy. If you didn’t win, but still have your eye on a […]

Haiku. (Bless You.)

Lights sparkle on branch, ornaments may bend the bough but they please the soul. Little boys can’t wait for what the brown truck brings them; please pass the scotch tape. Milk nog is yummy better than egg nog for sure – coffee nog cures all. I got a Kindle and discovered free reading; please forward […]

“Swine Flu” is not sexy.

I tried to post a blog the other day. It was so incoherent, I have no idea what I was thinking. I even took a (blurry) picture of my ceiling with my phone that I attached to the post. It was bizarro. In case you hadn’t guessed, I caught a bug. I don’t think it […]