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Surf the Internet the way you want. Let your readers surf the way they want. One step closer to World Peace.

I brought up on twitter the other day, while visiting some of my favorite photographers’ sites, how bloggers should allow their readers to determine how links behave. I clicked on some recommended links to have all these windows pop open. Admittedly, I’m a bit OCD when it comes to browsing. I like to control when […]

Pinterest: Good or Bad for Bloggers?

I’m a huge fan of Pinterest. In fact, its co-head cheese, Ben Silbermann, is a Des Moines, Iowa native – so I’m always rooting for the local guy. And in the 2011 whirlwind growth pattern that Pinterest experienced, it catapulted itself as my #1 referrer by such a margin that the #2, #3 and #4 […]

Blogging Tip: Beware of “Guest Post” Offers

Today I was supposed to have a guest post. I get offers for these pretty often. Usually they’re friends or new bloggers who want the world to know they exist. Sometimes they are topical experts who are asked to blog by the blog owner. Every now and then – they are something darker. I write […]

Rockin’ It at the I_Blog Conference

This weekend my hubba-hubba-hubby and I will at the I_Blog Conference and I’d love to invite you all to come. What? Not feeling spontaneous? We’re talking about photography and your blog and we will be on hand to help answer questions about your camera. I’m also doing a workshop on WordPress. I’d love to meet […]

How to Resize your Images to Share on the Web | Day 28

One of the most rewarding thing about learning to take a better a photo is sharing it with family and friends online. Your camera takes huge resolution images. Huge. Like you could wallpaper your house with it, huge. This is fantastic for printing, since we want all those pixels for clear, sharp images. However, when […]

What is hosting and why do I need it for a blog?

Self-hosted WordPress.org. Domain hosting. “Get a host!” Do you hear this and immediately tune out? Too much technical stuff that you don’t want to think about? Okay, I’m going to put it all into plain’ old English for you, so you don’t have to hum the tune of Mary Had a Little Lamb in your […]