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31 Days to a Better Photo | The Complete Index

31daysphotoThank you for your interest in 31 Days to a Better Photo! I’m glad you’re here and want to learn how to make the most of your dSLR. With a little time together, you can be shooting manually in a month! Yes, for real. For terms of use of this (FREE!) series, please read below. Thank you for respecting the intellectual work of the author. xo, Darcy

  1. Welcome
  2. Find Your Camera Manual
  3. Shooting Fast vs. Shooting Slow
  4. Controlling the Faucet – Learning ISO
  5. Understanding Aperture, Part 1
  6. Understanding Aperture, Part 2
  7. Tackling Depth of Field
  8. The Exposure Triangle
  9. Scales
  10. Meter Maids – In Camera Metering
  11. Tips for Shooting Manually – Link Up
  12. What’s White Balance?
  13. Setting Custom White Balance
  14. Histo-huh? What’s a histogram?
  15. Histograms in the Field
  16. Exposure Compensation
  17. The Low Down on Lenses
  18. What camera do you have?
  19. When natural light won’t cut it
  20. Art in Photography
  21. Elements of Composition
  22. Post Production
  23. Levels vs Curves in Photoshop
  24. What’s a Layer Mask?
  25. How to Install Photoshop Actions – featuring Jodi from MCP Actions
  26. Photoshop Actions Resource List
  27. When too much is too much.
  28. How to Resize your Images to Share on the Web
  29. 12 Steps to a Sharper Image
  30. My Workflow
  31. Thank you & Live the Moments

Some FAQs:
All content, images, and graphics, unless otherwise credited, are copyright 2010 Darcy | Life with my 3 Boybarians.
Yes, by request, I am working on getting it in ebook format.
The content and images are copyright protected, please do not copy, store or distribute the info here.
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This material represents countless hours of work assembling, writing, photographing and organizing material. I did this freely and without profit. For this reason, the license covers personal use only. If you’d like to use my series in whole or in part commercially or for teaching, please contact me.

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