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Mother’s Day

We, as moms, are generally pretty lousy about getting in front of the camera. Often we are the memory keepers – capturing those we love. But when we get in photos with our children it’s not about us. It’s for them. It’s so they can show their grandchildren what we looked like waaaayyy back in 2012. It’s so they can show their spouses how much their son looks like them as kids, or how they inherited grandma’s eyes. It’s about the story they tell, and the time they freeze.

And I am no exception. I don’t love being on the other side of the camera. Even as a photographer, I share the same concerns. We all beat ourselves up with the same mental bullets… Ugh, my roots are showing. Today is not a skinny day. I wish I were X pounds skinnier. I have nothing to wear.

But, with about 45 minutes warning, my husband and I set out for a sunset shoot. The golden hour warm sunlight was wonderful. These are photos that I will treasure in years to come. I hope my boys will one day cherish them, even if right now they could not possibly care less. 😉

Turns out 45 minutes is about perfect. No time to obsess. No time to shop. Make due with the moment and go.

Me and my boys, Mother’s Day 2012. Click the thumbnail to open up a carousel, and click the arrow to move through them.

Special thanks to my husband for shooting these. I cherish them.

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  1. Awwwww Darcy, these are great! I especially love the last one. Looks like you’re floating on a magic carpet. What a special Mother’s Day gift, and a treasure for sure! ~Sally

  2. Your hair grows SO FREAKING fast!

    Love the pictures. You’re beautiful. The boys are getting so big.

    • I finally cut 4 inches off when I got my extensions out. I was long overdue.

      Come soon!

  3. These are so very lovely!

  4. Gorgeous photos! You and your boys are all very good looking, you have the photos to cherish and prove it too.

  5. These are slaying me! I love them! I’m on my way to Iowa with the kids in the car. Hopefully I’ll be there by sunset 🙂

    • Yes… every mom should have a sunset shoot with her kids before they up and have kids of their own!

  6. I’ll say it again, your boys are getting so big! Beautiful pictures. I know you’ll always cherish them.

  7. What beautiful photos!!! You will be so happy your husband took these. And not having days to prep makes them more real. This is how you look without the fanfare of new clothes and carefully applied makeup. What a great gift.

  8. so lucky to have a husband who knows how to use the camera! jk, an imperfect picture is better than none!

    • Yes, having a hub who is also a pro photographer helps!

      But i have hired non-relative, real, professional photographers for my family session in the fall. Gotta practice what I preach!

  9. Thank you all for the kind words!

    It’s hard to be on the other side, and I swear every photographer should have to walk a mile in their clients’ shoes to identify with it. 🙂

  10. Darcy, these photos are beautiful – I almost want to fly across the ocean to come and have you and your husband take incredible photos taken of my family – a beautiful keepsake 🙂

  11. Wow, these are truly gorgeous!! You look incredible Darcy. You surrounded with your children… so beautiful! Happy belated Mother’s day to you. : )

  12. Beautiful pictures and I am glad you only had 45 minutes because you and your children look wonderful and you should not have stressed even for a minute.

  13. Those are amazing. Love. Love. Love.

  14. What a sweet momento of Mothers day 🙂 Nothing better than spending time with the family! I’ve got to remember to go out at golden hour next time I have a shoot too – the lighting in your photos is gorgeous!

  15. Gosh, Darcy, these are absolutely amazing. “Beautiful” doesn’t quite say enough!

    I haven’t stopped by in far too long, but I’ve thought about you often in the past few days. You and I have talked before about how we call our guys “the boys,” no matter how big they get. Well, I still do that, even though two things have happened here in the past two weeks:

    1. My oldest, Will, turned 21. As in 21-years-a-full-fledged-adult.
    2. 12 days after turning 21, Will left to spend the summer in Rome. He’s serving as a State Dept. intern in the Office of the Ambassador to the Holy See.

    What the heck? How did this happen? How is it that I can be the mother of these. . . these. . . people?? Nah, I won’t think of that. I’ll just think about the boys and wish I had some sunset photos from when they were still shorter than I!