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Sweet Shot Tuesday

Oh Mercy Me. Mother Nature has been gloriously good to Iowa. Has she been good to you all as well? This week has been 70s and 80s… today was 86 and sunny. Sure makes remaining at the computer a challenge. We spent the day outdoors – moving all school and work out there.

I can’t wait to see what kind of mother nature is reflected in your images this week…

Also – today is our 95th Sweet Shot Tuesday together… I’m still looking for suggestions for how to ring in our 100th. Ideas?


I’d love to hear how you think we should celebrate 100 Tuesdays together.


  1. Sorry no ideas coming from me this morning. But how wonderful to spend the school day outside! Sounds wonderful.

  2. happy 100 ♥

  3. A self-portrait of all the lovely people who take part in Sweet Shot Tuesday with those words in view?

  4. Enjoy that gorgeous weather. We have it here, too. I’m just praying it will stay springtime for a few more weeks before the hot, humid stuff decides to visit.

  5. 100 Tuesdays eh? That is quite some achievement. I think a themed week is called for… something with a focus on all the people who join in. I do quite like the self portrait idea to be honest. I think they make for really interesting and diverse photographs.


    Ps… I want your weather, please can you ship to the UK ASAP. Thank you xxx

  6. I am enjoying similar lovely weather to yours – appears we just skipped spring and went straight into summer, doesn’t it! Of course, now I’m wondering if we’ll get snow in June 🙂 . In the meantime, my grandkids, senior mom and I are thrilling to some lovely tulips and that was what I had fun with for this week – along with some MEGA KUDOS to any and ALL grandparents raising grandchildren full time. I was blessed to enjoy that for a couple of days and was SOOOO tired at the end of it. What a blessing that is given by so many many who do it full time. I just have to say THANK YOU to them everywhere today. 🙂 Have a blessed and beautiful week.

  7. That sounds great- I really should move school outside too- while the weather is still nice.

  8. That is so exciting! We could have special share Tuesday – Share a tip you learned during sweet shot Tuesday, your favorite muse, or free download…

  9. I think it would be neat to just make “100” the theme for the week. Maybe take a picture of 100 dandelions, or even 100 eyelashes on a child’s eye. Just a thought.

  10. I like the self portrait idea (only because I dont have other ideas) and the Share a tip you learned combined into one would be great for a beginner photographer for me

  11. Such a happy site to return to!