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P52: Week 16 Things that Grow

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Week 16: April 15 – April 21 Things that Grow

I got emails about how tough last week’s topic was, so I hope this week was a bit easier. This time of year most of us are starting to see peeps of things that grow in the ground, as well as we’re surrounded by pets, kids and family who seem to grow overnight. Hope this one was a bit easier, and you were able to have fun with it.

Can’t wait to see what you’ve been shooting!


  1. I love the themes you have chosen. The challenge is part of the fun! Thanks for hosting us.

  2. As much as I “hate” the tougher themes, I love that it challenges me to think and be creative! For someone who is NOT a professional photographer, a little stretching is good! Thanks again!

  3. Some weeks are harder than others but that is the fun in the challenge. Thanks for hosting such fun link ups every week.

  4. I agree with everyone else, I haven’t participated in many but I love the ones I do take part in. Plus like everyone said the challenge is all part of the fun and helps push us to find that creative answer to your theme.

  5. Thanks for hosting again this week, Laura