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Sweet Shot Tuesday

In case you hadn’t heard the fun news – I’m teaching a photography session at the Relevant Conference in Harrisburg, PA in October. The conference is sold out, but there have been a few selling their tickets who can’t make it. I’d love to meet as many Sweet Shot Tuesdayers as possible, so if you’re going – drop me a note in comments so I can come meetcha. Some of my favorite bloggers in the world will be there! (ohhh, butterflies!)

Next on the agenda – I know I talk about my friend Kent Weakley’s photography eclasses all the stinkin’ time, but he is the real deal when it comes to continuing education. If you haven’t taken one of his courses yet, you’re missing out. I’ve done his Night Photography eClass and his Composition eClass, so far. They’re fantastic. Well, Kent is gearing up to start another Composition eClass in about 2 weeks and one of YOU will be lucky enough to win a spot in the class. Click the banner to learn more about what’s in store:


All Sweet Shot Tuesday participants are automatically entered to win. Come back next week to find out if your name is drawn.

Okey doke, let’s see whatcha got!


  1. Thanks for hosting Darcy, and for a fabulous giveaway!

  2. Thanks for hosting this sweet shots πŸ™‚

  3. Sounds like a marvelous class. Thanks so much for hosting. πŸ™‚

  4. Harrisburg is so close to me! I didn’t even know about that conference. I guess this goes to show I am not an in-the-loop blogger at all : )
    I want to come to your class. I am going to look into it!

  5. i’d love to take your class! i’m afraid i’ll be nowhere’s near PA, though…
    hope it’s awesome for you~
    thanks for hosting!

  6. Thanks for the chance. I love your photo this week!

  7. freckles & dimples says:

    I’m close to Harrisburg…I’ll have to get my name on that waiting list because the conference sounds awesome!

  8. I really wish I was going to Relevant. Then, I read you were teaching a session and I wanted to come even more. Have a blast and Iook forward to all of the photos.

  9. I’m going to Relevant this year and I’m so excited to meet you and sit in on your session! Nester introduced me to your blog and I’ve participated in a few Sweet Shot Tuesday in the past year. I also feel a connection to you because I lived in Des Moines from ’98-’03, birthed 2 babies there before moving on to Ohio, Illinois & now North Carolina. Wow, this is a long comment! {sorry!} All this to say, I’m looking forward to stalking, I mean, meeting you at Relevant!!

    • Wow, it is a small world. I’m looking forward to meeting you! Nester will be there, too. πŸ™‚

  10. What a great sounding contest! And how cool that you’re doing another 30-days project. I’m looking forward to more great ideas from it. Thanks for all your hard work and great sharing here, Darcy. πŸ™‚ Have a blessed week!

  11. Thanks for hosting and good luck (!!!) teaching at the conference.

  12. oooo I’m already taking Kent’s next class – SOOO excited!

  13. Hope your conference goes great….loved Kent’s night class!


  14. Wow! I would so love to win this week!

  15. This is my first visit. So glad I found you.

  16. Hi! I’m linking up for the first time-ever!-today for Sweet Shot Tuesday (running a little late, the story of my life!). I have butterflies! πŸ™‚ Thanks for doing this. It’s so great to see all the fantastic photos out there.

  17. Darcy;

    Love your photos and love reading the blog!! Also, HUGE thank you for mentioning Kent Weakley on your site – I think I ended up spending the entire day going through his site and videos (I’m thinking my husband wasn’t as happy as I was!) I really wish that I could come to Relevant – it would be awesome to be at your class! Best of luck.

  18. Hey Darcy,

    From what I know about Kent, he is really competent. Too bad I don’t have the time right now to invest into one of his courses.


  19. wow i love some of these images, i guess i’m too late for the workshop but will keep my eye out for the next one.


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