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Sweet Shot Tuesday

Welcome to June! It’s practically summer, even if the calendar says we have 2 more weeks of Spring. A heat index of 100+ degrees says summer, even if the calendar does not.

So what I’d love to hear from you guys in comments:

What are 2-3 things you intend to do this summer to grow as a photographer?

Then we can all come back, look at comments and get ideas from each other to make ourselves that much better by fall.


  1. Honestly…I just need to get better about not only having my camera handy, but USING it. I did really well when I first got it, and then I got lazy and I really haven’t taken many pics at all lately. Nestled so snugly in her Jo Tote…

  2. This summer I am going to (1) try shooting RAW and seeing if it suits me, (2) ask people if I can talk photos of them to get more comfortable working with people and not just yelling at my own kids to sit down and be still. lol. (3) Learrn the basics of photography and editing better.

  3. At the end of the summer, students seem to be asked “What did you do this summer?” I thought it would be best to answer the question now at the beginning of the summer and remember to take photos during the events like visiting the zoo, splash parks, museums, etc. Create a nice photo book and my child can take it to school in the fall. I need to work on post-processing and doing something with all the photos I take.

  4. I’d like to work on getting more consistent with my photography and finding my style. I’d like to get better about documenting every day life. And finally, I’d like to keep up with printing my photos more, making a wall display and making photo books for the kids would be awesome.

  5. summer has already ended here, but answering your question, the three things i intend to do in the coming days / weeks are: do more photo walks, learn more about gimp, and shoot more pictures. 🙂

    happy summer to you.

  6. My plan this summer is simply to take tons of photos! Lots of summer trips will definitely help inspire the photographer in me!

  7. Work on the business/marketing side of photography.

  8. There is a crispness I see in what I call a good photo that is not always there in mine, I want to improve that; I don’t know if it is during shooting or during editing work. I want to learn to use my flash so I am not stuck for lack of light and improve my composition. Generally I want to get better all the time.

    Have a beautiful summer.

  9. Not work as much and grab my camera more! But then life gets in the way and I’m reminded why I work so much and have so little time for my camera! Oh yea, purchase a new camera sometime this summer :~)

  10. i know it’s better for my camera to store it in my bag when i’m not using it to keep it safe from the 4 little people in my house, but when it’s out of sight it’s out of mind. so i intend to find a safe place to keep it, so i can easily grab it when i am inspired to take a picture.

  11. I want to learn more about lighting and background, and I keep that in the back of my mind when I’m taking pictures.

  12. Krystal says:

    The things I intend to do are shoot, shoot, shoot…. That’s it, but it’s not really *it*. I feel like I have done so much reading and learning in the last 15 months and learned so much of the technical side of things. But right now I just need to click that shutter more. To find the light, find a well composed shot and so many other things. If there were a test I could right down the answers. But I need these things to become second nature and I just need more practice with the camera in my hand. Now that we have summer break (I homeschool my kids) I will have a little more time and I intend to use it on shooting.

  13. I’ve gotten discouraged lately with all the manual stuff that isn’t turning out right. My goal is to read the manual (again), your 31 Days to a Better Photo (again), and Understanding Exposure (half way through). I would love to be able to take a hands on class because that’s the kind of learner I am. Thanks for all you do to help those who want to get better at photography.

  14. I’m a newbie at photography, and while I’m not doing too badly with composition, the mechanics of manipulating aperture and shutter speed are lost on me at the moment. (When I started, I couldn’t tell the difference between an F-stop and a G-string!) So I’m delving into the camera manual and shooting every day. I hope to join the area photography club and after baseball season ends, I hope to take a class, perhaps at the local community college. I’m also trying to check out photography blogs daily and am finding that some include tutorials or other helpful information.
    At any rate, thank you for hosting. I’m a follower, and this hop is found on a page on my site that lists more than 250 hops, memes, and photo challenges… some for each day of the week. Check under the header for the link to that page. I’ve also just started a BlogFrog community that focuses on hops, carnivals, memes, and photo challenges. Go to http://theblogfrog.com/1504201 to visit & participate.
    I hope you’ll visit me soon. I follow back!

  15. I think I will grow by stepping outside my comfort zone and taking more pictures of normal day things. I usually take my camera to big events or just at home things. I want to look for beauty in the normal errand running events.

  16. 1. Finish reading the book “Understanding Exposure”.
    2. Practice my framing and shooting in manual a LOT more.
    3. Take more pictures of things other than my son. 🙂

  17. i intend on doing two things. one. look for more locations. and two. not geek out so much if i’m not booking.

  18. What I would like to do….I would like to learn how to shoot in bright sun! Also, enjoy that same bright sun with my kidddos!


  19. I am going to try to learn how to shoot better in full sun!
    I want to read at least 2 of Scott Kelby’s books this summer.
    I want to learn how to take good lightning bug pictures : )

    I don’t know if I answered the question correctly.

  20. I am hoping to do some more sessions for other people and become more efficient with my camera. Sometimes I play with the setting a little more than I would like.

  21. Great food for thought! 🙂 I’d like to get creative at taking pictures that can illustrate the Bible memory verses I love to teach my grand children. I also want to learn how to use more of Picnik’s tools – and maybe even get brave enough to give Photoshop Elements another try.

  22. I’m trying to get my flash learning on… both i-TTL and Manual – AND have it look lovely and intentional, which is a tall order. Gels, stands, light modifiers and cookies. It is all kinds of mathy – and therein lies the problem. haha I’m workin’ it though and things are a-clicking. I hope to showcase some (hopefully) new skill soon!

    PS – I dream in f-stops and guide numbers. Am I the only one who dreams about how to apply recently learned techiniques?

  23. I definitely want to try shooting in raw. I want to finally sit down and learn what every button on my camera means. I also want to stretch my creativity when capturing my little boy’s summer fun instead of taking the same pictures over and over!

  24. I just want to shoot, shoot, shoot, so I really get to know what my camera is capable of. And carry on reading helpful books/ blogs/ websites and absorb as much info as possible. I would also like to get a new lens soon-ish, so I have a little more choice. Right now though, I’m learning heaps just from the kit lens.

  25. Goals for this summer: Master my LensBaby, lay the groundwork for a thriving business, and make sure that I spend time with my family around all the photography things!

  26. I am going to start shooting in Manual. I have been stuck in aperture priority because i am afraid some of my manual shots will be blurry and I’ll be frustrated and slow trying to get it all right, but if I never try and start shooting in manual, then I won’t ever get there and have better control of my camera.

  27. It’s cold, cold, cold in California! What strange weather!
    My 2-3 are: (1) Take a class to expand my horizons and (2) find some” guinea pigs” to take pictures of. Oh and (3) practice, practice, practice…

  28. My goals are to work on being on manual 100%, better composition, and light. Also, I will be taking advantage of as many tutorials as I can reasonably handle. Thanks to all here that share encouragment and support. You are all great!

  29. I am finally going to get my DSLR, and I’m going to USE it. A lot.

  30. I plan to take a lot of pictures (practice, practice, practice), work on getting tack-sharp focus, start working on action shots, and take more pictures of the moments.

  31. My goals this summer are to shoot more for pleasure and be a little more daring

  32. I plan on practicing with my tripod, learning about bouncing light and start learning to stage things.

    Thanks for hosting, Darcy!

  33. I definitely need to just take more pictures. I think I learn the most by doing. I also will continue to focus on trying manual mode and working with light. I’ve had some recent “uh-ohs” as I’ve been experimenting and have learned as much from my mistakes as anything else. It’s definitely humbling. I have this wonderful camera and still know so little about it. I know I’m good at framing a photo/seeing from a unique perspective (being a writer has always prompted me to “see” things anew and to focus on tiny details that others miss–photography is like poetry that way!) and have studied classic composition/general art courses and feel comfortable with that facet, but utilizing the machine/knowing all the ins and outs with light via technology is still something I’m growing in. I pray that you are fantastic and are enjoying your summer…the summer that isn’t summer technically but is by virtue of the of the hot weather! I’ve thought of you several times when in Napoli!!!

  34. participate in Sweet Shot Tuesday . . . and snap, snap, snap! We’re moving from AZ to FL, so I plan on documenting that road trip by making a lot of stops and enjoying the journey.


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