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Sweet Shot Tuesday

*coughcoughhack* This is *coughcoughhack* apparently that time of year… *coughcoughhack*…

Apparently, we’re all sharing germs around here. Hope you all are holding up.

Despite the coughing-fit abdominal workout that would make Jillian Michaels proud, I’m happy as a clam with recent shoots and studio time. We had a 67 degree day last week. It felt amazing to be outside. My middle child was a great sport for a studio shoot – allowing me to test the light on the new gorgeous reclaimed doors for the studio.

Can’t complain. Whatcha been shooting lately?


  1. Yuck!!! I’m glad that you are feeling a tad better. 67 is GREAT!

  2. This is an awesome Idea! First timer here! And new follower! 🙂

  3. We had one of those too Darcy! 67! It was a gift! : )
    Today we have a 2 hour snow delay.
    Another gift.
    I haven’t been shooting anything too exciting-
    unless fleeing children are exciting : )

  4. wow, something is definitely going around. Everyone seems to be sick or not feeling well…even on the blog hops! I hope you feel better soon. At least the weather is nice for all of us. It reached near 80 here last week. yeah!

  5. I’m so sorry to hear you’re not feeling well and praying it disappears FAST! We’ve got several bugs going on around here and praying none of them land! We also had deLIGHTful weather this week – good enough my grandkids and me to play outside a couple of times – perfect exercise to go along with my getting healthier on the Flat Belly-MUFA foods-diet AND perfect chance to grab some new pix of the kiddos AND a granddog or two – full of sweet family memories. Definitely a fun time for all including grandma! Have a blessed and healthier week!

  6. Hope you feel better soon! Can’t wait to see the photos.

  7. It’s my first time to join.

    I hope you’d feel better soon.

  8. sorry that you and yours are not feeling well. i woke up with something this morning, too, so i cheated and linked up my post from yesterday. hope you are feeling better soon~

  9. Thank you Darcy:) Hope that everyone is on the mend.

    Also, I did some exploring yesterday around your blog looking for what curriculum you use… is there a particular post that talks about it in detail? Thank you.

    • I haven’t blogged about it- but shoot me an email, and I’m happy to share what’s working for us these days.


  10. Sorry to hear & i feel your pain, or more so my nose does 🙁 Soft tissues are a must right now! Hope that you get to feeling better & everyone else stays well in your family! Happy Tuesday!

  11. Hey Darcy, hope you feel better. I have left you a few e mails about not hearing anything about the textures I won a few weeks ago. Please e mail me when you have a chance!

    • Hi Denise –

      I left a comment last time, too. Not sure what’s going on, because I have 0 emails from you in my inbox. I searched gmail and couldn’t find any in spam or trash either. ?? Weird…

      I can grab your email from the comment, and will pass that along to her. 🙂

  12. Cute shot!

  13. Ack, hope you feel better quick!! It’s absolutely NO fun when Momma is sick! BUT, yah for 67 degrees! Spring is SO close! : )

  14. I hope you feel better soon… I have pictures from the gaming convention- not sure if they are “Sweet Shot Worthy”…
    (I’m back from my weekend in L.A.: http://kabersblog.blogspot.com/2011/02/orrcon.html)

  15. Hi Darcy. It’s me, the one who said she was going to do the P52 and has posted maybe 3 photos this year. *sigh* But I have a completely unrelated question. I just read this post of yours and linked to it from my blog:


    and here’s the question. I have a few people who read and comment on my blog who have no blog of their own. How can they set themselves up so I can respond to their comments from my email? Is there a way?

    PS. My daughter “borrowed” my 35mm 1.8 lens and went back to college. Any advice for getting it back, or should I just buy another one? I think she’s in love with it. 😉

    • Ha! That lens is a goner. Consider it a Christmas gift and get yourself one, too. On crap-frame cameras, it’s such a great focal distance – almost identical to a 50mm on a full frame.

      I think if they have a gmail account they can create a Blogger profile, but my guess is most won’t want to. Allowing anonymous may not be a good idea, but allowing name / URL might be okay. Most people have a Facebook or twitter or Flickr or something they could use as an identifying URL.

      I don’t have a Blogger profile, and on some Blogger blogs, I have no way to leave an identifying message, either. Only if they allow Name / URL can I.

  16. Hi! I linked up to this week’s Sweet Shot but I can’t seem to find my link now. Just wondering if I did something wrong? Here’s my post


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