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Photoshop Actions & Resource List | Day 26

Photoshop actions are more than just a cheat sheet of steps. They provide a great way to learn how edits affect your image. If you take the time to play with each layer a commercially-purchased action creates – you will see that they are all layers of curves, levels, saturation, color overlays, sharpening, etc. Edits that you could accomplish one at time. I recommend toggling off each layer and playing with the opacity to see how those layer edits change your photo.

Today I’ve gathered a listed of some commercial action retailers for you to visit – some free, most paid. Admittedly, there are downloadable Photoshop actions all over the internet – many of which are a total waste of time. The ones listed here are here because I have personally used them and feel confident to vouch for their quality.

Pioneer Woman – free
Coffee Shop – free, suggested donation
MCP Actions
Florabella Action
Kubota Actions
Totally Rad Actions “TRA”
Red Leaf – (it’s a legitimate business in spite of the generic istockphoto girl in the header.)
Eye Candy Actions

Once you’ve spent some time seeing how actions and edits affect your image, you can get enough confidence to create your own and develop your own sense of style and editing.

Yesterday, I showed off some MCP Actions. Here are some Florabella actions:

florabella actions

Other programs also offer auto-loading steps for workflow. Lightroom has presets, PSP has scripts. And the actions I listed certainly aren’t the only ones – feel free to share your favorite actions in comments!

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  1. Hannah Braboy says:

    My favorite actions thus far have been MCP Actions and PW’s. I’ve heard of some of the others, namely Kubota Actions, but have yet to try them.

  2. I have loved using actions…especially because I haven’t learned to “create” the same effects on my own. I was so excited when the gals did PW actions for elements. I use them often. The Coffee Shop ones are my faves too. I tend to look for free ones since I don’t have the extra $$$ to dish out for others.

  3. Are you familiar with any free/pd actions for PSP? Thank you again for this gread series.

    • PSP is… Paint Shop, right?

      No, I’m sorry, I’m not familiar with that program or if it can do actions. I hope the rest of the series is helpful in spite of that. 🙂

    • I find that if you Google PSP Scripts there are a couple of website that do have photo editing scripts. They aren’t very easy to come by like Photoshop actions.

  4. Thank you so much for linking my blog! Rita

  5. shameer asif says:

    Hai Darcy sis, thanks for your blog. It is really useful. Thanks a lot. And your kids are really awesome. Can you say me any website for learning photoshop completely. And thanks again for writing this awesome blog. Loving this 🙂

    • HI Shameer,

      I don’t know of a site that teaches Photoshop. You might try searching “Photoshop Tutorial” on YouTube. I found lots of tutorials that way. 🙂

  6. Love to mention some amazing FREE actions over at my site 🙂 You can delete my message if you don’t want the link but come grab the free stuff anyhow 🙂 http://www.colorvaleactions.com/product-category/actions/freeb-photoshop-actions/