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How to Install Photoshop Actions with Jodi from MCP Actions | Day 25

What are Photoshop Actions?

Actions are a recorded set of steps that allow to you run through a series of edits in Photoshop very quickly. Originally created to enhance photographer’s workflows, they have grown into an industry of their own. You can create actions yourself by recording steps you take, or you may purchase action sets sold by photographers and photo editors.

When it comes to Photoshop actions, there are a few names photographers recognize – and one of those is my friend Jodi from MCP Actions. Jodi creates workflow actions, she creates actions that buff skin and make eyes pop. Using Jodi’s products, you can lift that dull gray film over your photo, bring out color, paint with light and make stunning black and white conversions.

how to make eyes pop using photoshop actions

Not only can you enhance but you can go beyond just workflow editing and into artistic editing, if you wish.

photoshop actions-1

Jodi was kind enough to share her tutorial for installing actions with us. Please click the 4 arrows in the bottom right corner to expand it. (Pardon the ads! It’s part of Jodi’s video sharing program.)

On a Mac you simply drag and drop the .atn file into Applications> Photoshop> Presets> Actions and follow the steps Jodi outlines in the tutorial above.

For more tutorials, before and after examples, interviews with photographers and Photoshop classes, follow Jodi:
MCP Actions Blog
MCP on Facebook
MCP on Twitter

Come back for more about actions, post production, editing and a screen cap video of my Photoshop workflow. I’ll walk through how I edit and my most-commonly used Photoshop techniques.

DISCLOSURE: m3b is an affiliate partner of MCP Actions. I did not receive payment to write this post, I did so because I own and shop for Jodi’s actions on my own accord. When you shop through m3b links, I will earn revenue. Thanks for shopping through m3b! Your support helps drive more tutorials here. xo


  1. Love their actions! Great photo tutorial of them too!

    Darcy you have done such a good job!!!!!

    Blessings today!

  2. I checked out MCP actions a while back and purchased the quickie collection. I enjoy it! However, I find myself all giddy with power that I end up abusing it or using a million actions all together or something and end up with a not-so-pretty result.

    I need to check myself before I wreck myself. Do you teach restraint? 🙂

    All kidding aside – I second Jill’s sentiment in that you have done a really great job and I find myself all a-twitter waiting for the next day’s entry! You know, most photographers don’t really share their post processing secrets… it’s like the prized bbq dry rub and sauce recipe – it’s just not handed out. So thank you for spilling your secrets! While photography isn’t exactly photography without the camera, subject and photo… I truly do love the photoshop part the most.

    Thanks Darcy!!

  3. Hi Darcy,

    Thanks so much for this tutorial. I’ve learned so much already! I’ve heard of PS actions, but I’ve never used them. Can you use them with PS Elements, or are there separate actions made specifically for each program.

    Again, thanks so much. I’ve read a lot of tutorials online, but yours makes it easiest to grasp and understand.

    • Kim –

      There are actions for Elements, but they are different than the ones made for CS. Jodi sells actions for both Elements and Photoshop, but you’d need to make sure you were purchasing the correct ones. 🙂

      Good luck!


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