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I love this kid.

summer playing outside in the sprinkler

But you know what I reeeeeaaaallly love?

summer playing outside in the sprinkler 2

His awesome sense of fashion.


  1. HA! Too funny!

  2. Just adorable! 🙂

  3. LOL That is just too cute! 🙂

  4. Giggle, giggle, snort. I love it!

    What did the boybarians think of Toy Story 3?

  5. Don’t fall for it, Darcy. It is all a Jedi mind trick. 😉

    He is a cutie!

  6. The shirt tucked in his underwear? Classic Boybarian style. That little smile and the dimples? Oh. My. Gosh. Cute!

  7. Do I see Cars underwear?! Perfect!

  8. Rock those Mater drawers, Trouble!

  9. May the schwart be with you…HA!

  10. Too cute Darcy!!

  11. hehehehe he is such a cutie, and awesome shirt too!

  12. He’s more than adorable, if that’s possible. I can tell my 4 year old guy would get along quite well with him!

  13. what a cutie-patootie!

  14. lol, that’s awesome…a shirt I’d totally wear 😉