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Not Back-to-School Blog Hop: School Room Week

Not Back-to-School Blog Hop

School room, school house, converted space or at the dining room table… the world of academics takes place in all sorts of interesting places. Please show us where you do school, and check out how others make it work.

I had to delete some links last time – so please make sure you only put the permalink to the post, not your blog URL. Thanks!

Grab a button and invite your friends and readers to share in on the fun!


Thanks again for making this NBTS Blog Hop a success! Check back often, MckLinky will be open through Friday.


  1. What about your room or where you school?

  2. Thank you for hostessing this for us Darcy!

  3. Can’t wait to see your space!

  4. Hey, where is your space? You are killing me here! I am dying to see!
    ; 0 )

  5. It’s coming, it’s coming, I promise! I don’t have internet access at the in-laws’ house. So I did my post from my phone! It took forever to get that post up. That’s why I haven’t shared our school space. I’ve got photos ready to go and a fun announcement coming soon!

  6. We’re in the process of enclosing our garage for a school room/laundry room/ storage room, so that’s what I linked up.

  7. already there are so many great links to visit! it took me all week to get around last time. 😀 it was so exciting.

    i will be posting our centers all week (we don’t have a dedicated classroom), so i’ll come back and enter the new posts as they go live.

    thank you so so much for this awesome blog hop! what a tremendous resource this is becoming.

  8. Hey! Your name was drawn in my Apron Fest ’09 giveaway. Email me your address so I can get your goodies in the mail to you! Congrats!

  9. I edited mine to add some pics that we took today.

  10. This is so great…I’ve had a lot of fun checking out all the great school rooms. After LOOOONG consideration, I’ve decided to try HSing my littlest dude and possibly my 7yo miss. He’s only Preschool age and she’s going into 2nd, they will forgive me if I mess up, right? 😉

  11. I missed the MckLinky date, but I posted!!

  12. THANK YOU so much for this one! 7 years of “making do” with whatever space we could squeeze into, many times all the overflowing materials kept in stacked boxes that had to be unstacked each day…just this week DH announced that he is constructing for us a “homeschool mom’s dream room” (in a dedicated space). I’ve been overwhelmed because I cannot for the life of me figure out what this dedicated space should have in it, or how it would function best. This is the post I needed, because it gave me all sorts of ideas (in living color) to start making my lists from.

  13. I have enjoyed seeing everyone’s schoolrooms! We just started school this week. Workboxes with My Fathers World and other odds and ends. Happy Schooling!

  14. This. is. brilliant.
    Just like you, Darcy….

    Thank you for graciously hosting….

    As always… you bless!

    Grateful for you,

  15. This is our 1st year to homeschool and I’m quickly realizing some semblance of order is VERY important. Winging it this year has been ok but very stressful when you want to find glue sticks or scissors but can’t find them since they don’t have a “home”. I’m a big time visual learner and these pics have helped me with how I can get our “classroom” in order. SUPER…SUPER COOL!!!!

  16. I added mine but the linky is closed ??

  17. I don’t understand — the linky is closed? I thought it was open until Friday?


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