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Mother’s Day

We, as moms, are generally pretty lousy about getting in front of the camera. Often we are the memory keepers – capturing those we love. But when we get in photos with our children it’s not about us. It’s for them. It’s so they can show their grandchildren what we looked like waaaayyy back in 2012. It’s so they can show their spouses how much their son looks like them as kids, or how they inherited grandma’s eyes. It’s about the story they tell, and the time they freeze.

And I am no exception. I don’t love being on the other side of the camera. Even as a photographer, I share the same concerns. We all beat ourselves up with the same mental bullets… Ugh, my roots are showing. Today is not a skinny day. I wish I were X pounds skinnier. I have nothing to wear.

But, with about 45 minutes warning, my husband and I set out for a sunset shoot. The golden hour warm sunlight was wonderful. These are photos that I will treasure in years to come. I hope my boys will one day cherish them, even if right now they could not possibly care less. 😉

Turns out 45 minutes is about perfect. No time to obsess. No time to shop. Make due with the moment and go.

Me and my boys, Mother’s Day 2012. Click the thumbnail to open up a carousel, and click the arrow to move through them.

Special thanks to my husband for shooting these. I cherish them.

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p52 Week 18: Fiesta or Siesta

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Week 18: April 29 – May 5 Fiesta or Siesta

It’s almost Cinco de Mayo (cha-cha-cha) and that means we’re celebrating in Spanish this week! For those of you who didn’t suffer through 2 years of high school Español, like I did – fiesta means party and siesta is a rest. So, that’s quite a curve in the interpretation of this week’s theme. No excuses. 😉 Of course, when you’re *ahem* 30something, a nap often sounds just as yummy as a party.

Can’t wait to see what you’ve been shooting!

Sweet Shot Tuesday

Welcome to our 99th Sweet Shot Tuesday! I get the privilege of announcing last week’s Bellevue Avenue giveaway. Winner gets to choose her favorite action set from the collection, a value of up to $130! Congrats to Kim from Little by Little Blog. Please contact me and I’ll get you in touch with Ashlyn from […]

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p52 Week 17: Green

Week 17: April 22 – April 28 Green The color green. Being green. (It ain’t easy… bein’ green!) Doesn’t matter how you interpret it, this week’s theme is green. I had to delete a few entries over the last few weeks – people linking up with no mention of the theme or p52. I really […]

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P52: Week 16 Things that Grow

Week 16: April 15 – April 21 Things that Grow I got emails about how tough last week’s topic was, so I hope this week was a bit easier. This time of year most of us are starting to see peeps of things that grow in the ground, as well as we’re surrounded by pets, […]

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Sweet Shot Tuesday

Welcome to our 97th Sweet Shot Tuesday together! I know many of you, especially in the midwest, spent the weekend getting battered by storms and bad weather. We’re fortunate enough to have a safe storm shelter we can hang out in when weather rages above us. I hope you all fared well in the weather. […]

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