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p52 Week 15: Sacrifice

Week 15: April 8 – April 14 I wanted to pick themes that went with the holidays and seasons. Since we have participants from several countries and cultures – I wanted to avoid something that echoed only my own, like bunnies or eggs or something like that. This week’s theme is sacrifice. I thought it […]

Photoshop Actions: Yay or Nay?

Photoshop actions. These have gotten a bad rap in some circles. Like it’s synonymous with ‘fake’ or ‘cheating’ or it’s somehow indicative that your image isn’t good enough without. And admittedly, there are lots (and lots!) of examples of images online that are all sorts of wrong. And no amount of Photoshop can fix that […]

Sweet Shot Tuesday

Um, wasn’t it just Tuesday?! Holidays make time into time warp. Hope you all had a great Easter or Passover! Can’t wait to see your shots.

p52 Week 14: Foolin’ Around

Week 14: April 1 – April 7 Are you an April Fool’s Day kind of person? Seems there are two camps – those who love it and those who don’t. It doesn’t seem like much of a lukewarm kind of holiday. Did you play any pranks this year? Did anyone get you? I’ve added several […]

Sweet Shot Tuesday

Oh Mercy Me. Mother Nature has been gloriously good to Iowa. Has she been good to you all as well? This week has been 70s and 80s… today was 86 and sunny. Sure makes remaining at the computer a challenge. We spent the day outdoors – moving all school and work out there. I can’t […]

P52 Week 13: Details

Week 13: March 25 – March 31 How often do we overlook the minutia? The little fingers, long eye lashes, little dimples, sweet toes, whiskers… This week focuses on the details of the faces and places we love most. Later in the week, I’ll be pulling ideas from the Facebook page list of suggestions for […]