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Merry Christmas!

From my family to yours… hope this holiday finds you surrounded by those you love best!

Oh, hello there.

‘Did you quit blogging?’ and ‘Where have you been?” have been the most common questions I’ve gotten lately. As I approach my 7th anniversary blogging (!) – you know I just can’t quit you. To keep up with what I’ve been shooting, please make sure you come hang with me on Facebook – I post […]

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Sweet Shot Tuesday

As I sit here sipping my lukewarm latte (how many times do you nuke yours before you get a chance to sit and finish it???) I realize this is our 85th Sweet Shot Tuesday. We’re actually approaching the two-year mark – although I break each October for the 31 Day Photography Series. For those of […]

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Happy Thanksgiving!

I didn’t bring my big girl camera to Thanksgiving. I know, shocking, right? But today isn’t about portraiture. It’s about family. It’s about being in the moment instead of being a spectator to the moment. An iPhone is a perfectly legit camera. That point-n-shoot in your purse will record memories just as well. So, today […]

For Emma

Last night, her family said goodbye to 9-year-old Emma Grace. Nothing I write here could be enough. Instead I’ll let this photo say much more than a thousand words. Please, please hold this family in your thoughts. If you’d like to send Heather a message, please visit Especially Heather. (comments are closed on this post.)


I’m writing this post for my friend Deanna, but really… for myself. To talk about being accountable helps make you accountable. I run two business – as a newborn & children’s photographer and as a graphic designer. I have an ~1800 square foot photography studio. I manage this blog, often poorly – but I love […]

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