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10 Candles

No idea how this boy is ten. He amazes me every day.


I had a teary fit. Ever have one of those? A day where the mount seems insurmountable? I have created an unsustainable schedule. And it’s no one’s doing but my own – the result of over-ambitious, perhaps even wishful thinking. An I-am-infallible kind of over-scheduling. And it finally got the best of me. And in […]

Bittersweet dichotomy

Today my baby is seven. And I’m a little bit sad. And I’m a little bit glad. Such is the bittersweet dichotomy of motherhood. Happy birthday, Trouble. Mommy loves you.


I’ve absolutely loved the holiday time out. I don’t know about you, but this year we really tried to take life slow and Just Be. I’m in an age and stage of life that I adore. My husband is young, healthy, funny and a joy to have home on his days off. My boybarians are […]

Boybarian Christmas Carols

We wish you a holiday surrounded by those you love most. Love, Darcy, Handyman, Einstein, Picasso and Trouble

What do you get… ?

… when you mix this handsome growing boy… … with these? He’s a little bit country. He’s a little bit rock ‘n’ roll.

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