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“Where did you go, Darcy??”

I get that question a lot, lately. It’s true it’s been awfully quiet over here at my3boybarians.com. I still haven’t decided what I’ll do with this space. Ironically, I get just as many visits now as I did when I was blogging, thanks to my 31 Days series going viral on pinterest. What are you […]

Merry Christmas!

From my family to yours… hope this holiday finds you surrounded by those you love best!

Witty Fall-ish Title Here

I got a notification from Kindle that they believe I should cancel my blog subscription available through the kindle for lack of posting. I think that means I’m due for an update. It’s crunch time in the photography world. We shoot a lot of family portraits this time of year – people want updated images […]

Oh, hello October.

In my head it’s still somewhere around late July. Since 2873462875195 of you have asked: No, I’m not writing a 31 Days this October. Sorry Charlies. Can’t do it. In the photography world, this is Go Time – particularly if you live anywhere in the northern half of the country. Leaves are changing, weather is […]

A Photoshoot with My Own <3

When you’re a photographer, it’s pretty easy to put down the camera when you get home. After all, it feels like “the office”. But when the Boybarians had the chance to shoot with some ah-maze-ing pirate costumes, we jumped at the chance. The costumes were provided by BuyPirateCostumes.com and modeled here by my boys. Randy […]

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Sick and tired of being sick and tired!

A year ago, I was working 70-hour work weeks. I felt chained to my computer – while I loved the projects, the blogging, and the social media, I didn’t love the sense of total sedentary physical inactivity that went along with so many hours in front of a computer. I was cranking out fun and […]

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