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P52 Week 7: True Love

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Week 7: February 12 – February 18

This week’s theme was inspired by Valentine’s Day, of course. Did you and your sweetheart do something romantical?

heart shaped pizzaThe boys and I made a heart-shaped, BBQ chicken pizza for my hubby. We pulled out dozens of tea light candles and ate a candle-lit pizza dinner – all 5 of us. My 11 year old insisted we take out the fire extinguisher. So the 5 of us, our candles, our fire extinguisher, and our homemade pizza had a truly sweet evening. I do love dates with my hot hubby, but I wouldn’t have changed a thing about our night.

(if you want to how my hubby surprised me, check out this pin. woot!)

How did you spend your Valentine’s Day?

Can’t wait to see your lovely true love-inspired images!

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  1. What a great Valentine’s. LOL about the fire extinguisher.

  2. We took the kids out on our date, too! Beautiful pizza!

  3. Love the pizza. Yum! We forgot it was Valentines until the evening! We all gave each other a big fat kiss and read stories before bedtime. a bit low-key, but sweet anyway.

  4. We celebrated at home with the kids, too. I love the part about the fire extinguisher. Gorgeous bag!

  5. Love the bag!!! It was a regular day with roses and red and pink (which my youngest, read boy, hates!).

  6. i’ve had your pizza before. it’s yummy-licious!

    and that purse is gooooorgeous!

  7. What a fun idea!

  8. What a fun night!!! I still have yet to take a picture but I’m thinking about what I want to do. So that totally counts, right?!

  9. Aww, how sweet!! Sounds about like the Valentine dinners we’ve had for a number of years.

    This isn’t exactly an entry, as I haven’t been participating, but this is my post from last year on Valentine’s Day. The pizzas are quite similar. 🙂


  10. I’m new to blogging so am just getting my feet wet! Managed to post my first permalink today for your photo challenge. Just couldn’t resist posting what my young adult children refer to as a “cheesy belly shot photo” of my next grandchild! Thanks for the inspiration to keep taking pictures. Perhaps I’ll make it a priority to join you every week!

  11. THe idea of the fire extinguisher at dinner had me cracking up – what a sweet memory.

  12. That sounds like the best way to spend a V-day! So cool!

  13. Your pizza is adorable. I love an artisan crust with purpose. 🙂 And your new bag? I love it! I’ve been on a mad search for something with exterior pockets for easy access to my subway card, something with long enough straps that I can wear it across my body, and something that is big enough to carry my camera body and a lens (along with my wallet). Is the body of this big enough for that?

    • I don’t think a lens would fit in it, and a camera body definitely would not. I can’t wear it across my body either… the straps are long, but not quite that long. That said – it’s a hot little purse. 😉

      Try fossil. I think they have one like you’re describing.

  14. Ahhh… so glad I made it before the link closed! I’ve been slacking lately, no more!

  15. Too late to make it before the linky closed, but my post is here:

  16. I love to see everyone’s interpretation. I did mine but forgot to link it up here before submissions were closed.