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Fill in the blanks: I want to learn ______ about Photography.

I recently tuned into the CreativeLIVE weekend with Jasmine Star and tried to watch as many hours as I could stand. I’m not a wedding photographer, nor do I aspire to be at this point in my career ( i just said “career” and “photography” in the same sentences and I’m so laughing at myself.) – but there was a huge message in j*’s class and one of the key points was – K.I.R. Keep It Real.

So, I’m keepin’ it real. In case you missed the big announcements here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here (criminy, that’s a lot of heres. did you click them all???) – I’ve committed to 31 posts in 31 days in October… a series entitled 31 Days to a Better Photo.

And I remember what confused me when I was just starting out. What’s an f stop? How do I know which ISO to choose? What makes good composition? What about editing? Where do I focus? What should my settings be on?

But this series is for you guys. To make this series successful, to make sure you get what you want to learn out of it, I’d love if you would answer these questions for me in comments. It will help me gauge the need, topics and wish list from what you need to make you a better photographer.

I’ve outlined the posts, but if you want something specifically covered, now’s the time to get it on the ballot.

1. What is something you feel confident about with your camera?
2. What is something you don’t feel confident about with your camera?
3. Fill in the blank. I want to learn how to ______________.
4. I wish you would write a post about _______________.
5. I would be a much better photographer if only _______________.
6. The photographer I admire the most is _______________. (Links, please? help me out with this one and please don’t make me Google all these amazing photographers. Give ’em some link love!)

Thanks! I appreciate you – if you think others want to weigh in on the series, too, please tweet or post this on your wall. The series is only as meaningful as the creativity, learning, and education you gain from it! So challenge me. I wanna hear it!

What do you hope to gain from spending 31 days here at m3b?

Finally – my last bit of K.I.R. – I’m kinda nervous. I got some screencast software (eek!) and I’m feelin’ like a pretend blog playin’ with the cool kids.


  1. Gosh…so much I want to learn! Really excited about this.
    1. Feel confident about — shooting in Av mode
    2. Don’t feel confident about — shooting exclusively in Manual mode
    3. I want to learn how to deal with my focus problems with (1) low light/no flash situations and (2) quick moving subjects (ie, superfast toddlers)
    4. I wish you would write a post about workflow. Organizing, editing, and what you do with them after you’re done (ie fav albums, print, etc)
    5. I would be a much better photographer if I could edit better/learn photoshop and achieve better focused photos.

    Fav photographers

  2. Becca~TimeWellSpent says:

    I am so looking forward to this Darcy! You’ve brought me out of comment hibernation mode to make a comment~though I’ve been reading faithfully 🙂 Thanks so much for the Jasmine* tip~caught as much as I could!
    I feel pretty confident shooting manual but need help metering. I’m learning but its slow. I am always on AWB and have yet to learn how to set a Custom WB. What do you do?
    I want to learn how to focus faster. I have recently been focusing/recomposing and using BBF. Do you toggle or focus/recomose?
    I would love for you to write a post about making your clients feel at ease and be comfortable with a camera pointed at them. This last week I had fun shooting my cousins 2 1/2 month old just for kicks and practice. It wasn’t easy! Tips?
    I would also love to hear about workflow for a beginner with photoshop and what you would recommend~I STILL haven’t purchased anything and don’t know what would serve me best. Lightroom, Photoshop? I am not a professional and shoot mostly my family.
    I would be better if I could nail focus

    I have many photogs I love, here a few~
    Erin Cobb, hands down one of my favs for a long time and one who is very giving with her knowledge – http://erincobb.com/Blog & http://erincobb.com/ThePigBear

  3. Goodness! My mind has gone completely blank. I can’t think of one thing, which is a riot because I have *so* much to learn. I guess it usually hits me when I’m in the middle of a situation and I can’t figure something out. Then, the questions start coming. Plus, I’ve only just started my first cup of coffee for the day. ;D

    I can’t wait for this series. You’ve received some fabulous questions. You’re gonna rock this. {Just remember: If you decide to go with the 31 Days to a Bigger Butt, I’ve got you covered. Tons of tips!}

    Fav photographers;