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I’ve absolutely loved the holiday time out. I don’t know about you, but this year we really tried to take life slow and Just Be. I’m in an age and stage of life that I adore. My husband is young, healthy, funny and a joy to have home on his days off. My boybarians are vivacious, loud, busy, happy (albeit messy and constantly hungry) creatures. Even the cat seems to know things are just the way they should be.

Handy Man is off work from Christmas Eve to the Monday after the New Year. This long break feels luxurious and I am sad it ends tomorrow. We’ve had lazy mornings, great coffee, sat side-by-side in the living room – each of us with a laptop – sharing conversation, our online finds, news, weather. After opening their Christmas abundance, the boys have been pretty self-occupied. They play loudly in their rooms – shouts of exuberence and the occasionally boybaric scuffle can be heard – but mostly, they stay cocooned up playing with new Playmobile and Lego sets. The emerge only to be fed, then disappear again. They are loved intensely, and I hope the security that brings them lasts a lifetime.

Weather has been… well, it’s Iowa in the winter. Yesterday it was -16. It makes staying holed up with hot coffee and family feel good. Today, the Christmas decorations come down. While we often wait until the Epiphany, I’m ready to see the stuff go. I don’t think The Wise Men or Baby Jesus cared about twinkling lights, stockings and wreaths. So away they go.

Twenty-ten (oh, just adopt it already… you know it’s inevitable!) will be a year of great personal goals. I feel like I’ve found the next chapter, capturing those I love and those loved by others in photographs. Time and family and togetherness is so precious. Capture it. Treasure it. I have been working hard to improve my own photographic skills. It will also mean – for my graphic design clients, a scaled back version of my business. I love design – I love the creative outlet. But in 2010, my time will be shared among design clients and photography clients.

My own great abundance is something for which I am thankful. Handy Man bought me (well, okay… us) the 70-200 2.8mm lens for Christmas. I still have shivers. It has been such a fun toy, and I can’t wait until my next shoot. I think our photography clients will love what it can do! It’s a leap of faith to start a new business in this economy. But we hope the times have helped everyone else see when you remove everything else – the house, the car, the job, the stuff – what you have is each other. We can capture the very root of it all and make it into a memory you can keep forever.

So, feeling nostalgic, content, hopeful and energized about 2010. How about you? What’s on your plate for 2010?


  1. Darcy, You are so good at capturing the moment. I can’t wait for you to expand your dream of photography – and with your new lens! How fun is that? Happy 2010, GF. Love the pix of your handsome boys.

  2. Love that sleepy look! I’m so happy for you and your new lens~what a wonderful gift. Do you and Handy Man always do photoshoots together?
    I was just over at your design site, thinking of something new for my site, how long is the wait?
    Girl, if I were near by I’d give you my business and let you capture my little ones. I totally agree, family and friends are what’s important. I love capturing it too and am learning ~slowly!

    • I’d love to shoot your fam. Wish you were closer.

      Handy Man and I don’t always shoot together. I do Littles and he does Bigs and we co-shoot events.

      Your most recent photos are gorgeous. Well-shot!

  3. I plan to have a slower Twenty Ten, and stay calm in my first year of homeschooling. Maintain my weight loss. Be closer to God. Would love a nice camera too! I have an in between Sony….I dream of a DSLR!

  4. I’m feeling it is going to be the best year yet!!! Just super excited to unwrap everything the Lord has in store for me this year! Thanks for being a part of my 2009! I’m just amazed by what we have accomplished with SEEK and you at the helm! Could not have become a blogger without you!

  5. Amazing captures. I want to get closer with God and listen when He speaks. I am slowing things down and concentrating on what really matters, my family. Happy New Year!

  6. ooooh, love the new water mark–I haven’t seen ANYTHING like that, and it is awesome!

  7. This sounds just like son. He got new legos and a telescope-he’s hibernating. 🙂

  8. oh i love those photos..
    my girls are looking with me and picked one boy for each of them…LOL!
    only they want to be their mommys…they are so funny!

    i love your stretched photos…does thesis comes with options set up or you changed the code to fit those?
    you blog design is so popular..i have seen couple of blogs having the same look now!
    i am trying to stretch the photos too but not on thesis…my theme is vina..
    which is great theme otherwise…i had changed theme in between and none of those posts have any pr individually but as soon as i changed it back to vina and changed my meta tags..things went back to normal and posts since then are getting individual pr….so i am sticking with vina now…
    my aim is to somehow strech those photos..

    • Yes, I recoded the theme to work for my needs. With a little coding knowledge it’s an easy change. There are probably some themes that are wide straight out of the box.

      Glad you found one that works for you. 🙂

  9. Love your pictures as always. Isn’t it great to be home with family? I am really dreading getting back into the grind. 🙂

  10. Hey Darcy, I love this! We have loved the down time of the break as well…love these pics, love your work, wish I lived in Iowa so you could capture my little ones…well maybe I dont want to live in Iowa right now, 16 degrees?!?!? Miss talking to you. I need to have you change my blog around so we can start talking again :).

  11. Good luck in your new business Darcy, I know you’ll do great. Love the photos…hope you’ll share some from your new clients. Stop by my blog for today’s first ever (RED) Meatless Monday’s Linky party.

    I remember using a recipe you posted (soup) last year…I think you got it from a blog called toast and jam or something. Haven’t been able to find her blog again, let me know if you remember the name…I liked the soup and her blog. Thanks, Jess

    • Hi Jess –

      Yes, I remember exactly who you’re talking about. Her name is Hannah and she blogs over at Honey and Jam. The soup was amazing. Here is a direct link back to her recipe post:


      I’m glad you’re posting this. I intend to do another round – with MckLinky this time – of Meatless Fridays during Lent. I wasn’t ready for this week’s but I’ll try to get one up for you next Monday.

  12. It sounds like you and yours had a time of renewal, relaxation and fun…I trust you’ll have more times like that throughout the coming year as I know you and the Hubs will be busy with clients (y’all are so talented!) and, more importantly, your boys.

    I’m getting ready to start trying to get my art out there (insert nail-biting and nervous giggles here). Like you, I know it’s a risk to start pursuing something like this with the economy like it is, but I feel like I need to try and my family is completely supportive. I’m trying to learn as I go and make educated decisions…wish me luck!!

    • Anna, gf – you are mad talented!

      I am tempted to put advertising back on my blog just so I can promote small businesses like yours. I think your work is BEAUTIFUL. I’m happy to help you get the word out there.

      Hoping 2010 is a year of personal artistic growth for both of us!

  13. Beautiful! What a refreshing description of the lazy days after Christmas. Love it.
    And the pictures … so precious. I’m glad we live in “20-10” when there are digital cameras available and we don’t have to depend on our minds to remember every little thing.
    Thanks for capturing the moments and passing them along.

  14. The break has been lovely, but it has been nice to get into our normal routine again. I’m not sure what 2010 holds, but I can’t wait to see!

  15. #1. Well said Darcy.
    #2.Do tell the color of your LR walls.
    #3. Thanks, I now have lens envy. 🙂

  16. We had our first day of school today and it was full and great! Too bad we made plans long ago for tomorrow– so is it bad to be on day 2 and make it an easy I-day? (I-day means independent day– only school work they can do completely by themselves will be accomplished- LA, math, map skills, typing).

    For the rest of two thousand ten, I am just going to take it one day at a time. Hopefully thriving in decaff mode (so I’ll quit staying up so danged late) and with days that require no raising of my voice or blood pressure and lots of smiley-togetherness with my fam!

    • Are you giving up coffee, Marsha?

      Say it isn’t so! Am I going to be drinking Starbucks all by my lonesome at Blissdom? *sniff, sniff*

  17. I do believe we have the same color walls. I’ve always thought you had good taste. It’s just further evidence. ;D

  18. oooooh, congrats on your new baby!!! I’ve had the 70-200 on my want-list for awhile now…
    that last picture? sigh. it’s completely wonderful. in every way.

    happy new year!!

  19. I have missed your posts so much, Darcy! I have had to scale back my blog list, but every time I go back to one that I haven’t read in a while, I regret not keeping up! Here’s to a great 2010!

  20. Why do some folks get all the talent??? Your pics are divine; I’m loving all 900? pixels wide of them! And you’ll still be making the world beautiful. I absolutely can’t wait to hug your sweet little neck in just about one month. I’m praying for some chitty chat time—–maybe even planning a little pj party. Are you speaking on Thurs? I may just have to come early.

    Loves ya,

    • Yes, yes and yippeee!

      Come early. I’m up for a pajama party. I’m speaking twice on Thursday – one at 11:30 and the other at 4:30. Coding and Graphic Design / Branding.

      Speakin’ of talent… girl’s got skiiiillllllzzzzz. 😉 Yes, you.

      See you soon!

  21. Amazing photos! We are in a state of transition, so twenty-ten is sure to be full of surprises. Can’t wait to see what the Lord has in store.

  22. such a sweet, wonderful post 🙂 I’m so happy you’re so happy! that’s so great!!