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My blog has ADD. Wait, what was I going to post?

Random thoughts.

Awhile ago, I watched Edie’s ghetto video about makeup for those of us who aren’t 25 anymore. I am a convert. I want to hear what tips those of you who “aren’t 25 anymore” are using. I’m feeling my age. My mother says I was never a kid – I was a 35 year old straight from the womb. So, that makes me, um… a million. I could use all the help I can get.

It’s eight weeks until Blissdom. I can’t wait to meet you all. If you’re going, pretty please leave me a little comment so I can go check out your blog. And try not to laugh too hard at me. Or throw spitballs. Or have your dad call me and demand to know why I gave you a C. Wait, I won’t quiz you. Scratch that last part. These photos are from the I_Blog Conference a couple weeks ago. What is with those weird faces? I watched back my video. I use my hands a lot. It’s kinda distracting. And those faces? I have no explanation for those.

darcy public speaking I_BLog Conference 2009 blog tips photo tutorials

darcy I_Blog conference public speaking blog tutorials blog boot camp

What expression is that?!?

This post by photographer Susan Keller will make you love her work, if you don’t already. Short on Words, but MAD on skills. Will someone give this girl a book deal already?

Fudge covered Oreos have hit the shelves. ‘Nuff said.

Ebook125My brilliant friend Nester spills it all in her Ultimate Tassel Guide. I can’t believe she’s sellin’ the family secrets. But she is, so get your hiney over to Nesting Place before she changes her mind. I just want 1/10th of her craftiness. I don’t even own a glue gun. I think she keeps hers attached to her hip on a special glue-gun holster.

Are you not crafty, but love beautiful things? My friend Melissa at Inspired Room posted a beautiful DIY holiday craft that even *I* can do. Epsom salt? Who knew? Sandy at Reluctant Entertainer has a centerpiece tutorial that makes me wish we still had leaves. I am thinking this can be adapted for Christmas with tinsel or ornaments. Wouldn’t that be crafty?

Creative Junkie is one of my new and favorite blog crushes. Girl is funnnn-nnny. Go read this, then email it to your husbands and friends to email to their husbands. Crack. Me. Up.

And lastly, Jodi at MCP made me laugh out loud. This totally sounds like something I’d post. I’m so glad she wrote it so I don’t have to. Hey photographers – the word is photos, not photo’s. Oh Jodi, I think I love you.

Christmas card time is here. Don’t be the one who sends the card signed: Merry Christmas, Love The Miller’s.

Ay yi yi.


  1. Seriously. Eight weeks?! What happened to me losing 40 pounds? Bleh.

    • Oh gf… it’s a cruel trick of fate that it falls right after the holidays, isn’t it? We should really take that issue up with Alli.

      Maybe I should get me some spanx.

  2. Thanks for all the hook ups in your post. I totally agree about Creative Junkie. I love her! And watching you with your hands reminds me of my husband and I. We basically have a 3 ft space so we don’t hit each other!

  3. It doesn’t matter that you talk with your hands. I do it too. It’s party of how I express myself, I guess. 😛

    Oh! I would have *so* loved to go to the I_Blog conference! Problem is that I live in Kentucky and Iowa is a little too far to drive with 2yo twins. 🙂 Boys, at that. It looks like it was great, though! I would love to hear you speak sometime on blogging.

  4. OH, you’re too cute. TOO cute.
    Can’t wait to se you in FEB. xo

  5. You know who else is funny? That would be Darcy. You had me wiping my eyes with this one.

    And I am so glad to know how to spell “ay yi yi.” Always wondered. By the way, have you heard Andrea Bocelli’s new Christmas album? The final cut is the theme from Disney’s new version of A Christmas Carol, and it’s beautiful: “God Bless Us, Everyone.” But I thought of Andrea because I think that, when he sings in English, he sounds just like Ricky Ricardo. What do you think?

    Don’t get me started on misplaced apostrophes. You know, I’ve considered doing a post on how to know whether to use “its” or “it’s.” The English teacher in me just aches to clear up that mystery for people–it’s so simple! (See?) Maybe I will do it sometime, just for the good of the blogosphere.

    I so wish I were going to Blissdom, if only for the chance to meet you in real life. Alas, my husband’s birthday is February 5. Last year he was in the hospital on his birthday finding out he needed open-heart surgery. I’m thinking I should stick around here for this birthday.

    • You know… I never really thought about how to spell ay yi yi. I just now googled it. Either it’s right or 4,380,000 people and I agree that’s how it should be spelled.

      When you write about apostrophes, please let me know. I’ll help propagate. For the good of the blogosphere. 😉

  6. Ha! Ruthanne said exactly what I was thinking! Eight weeks is not nearly enough for me to lose weight before Blissdom! 🙂 Darcy, I emailed you a few months ago about blog designer etiquette (after hearing you at the Woman Inspired conference). Your answer was sweet and helpful, and I’ve been enjoying your blog since then. I hope to meet you in February!

    • Maybe I should stick to online conferences. No one can see me.

      I was thinking if I eat nothing but vitamins and the occasional fudge-covered oreo, maybe I could show up at BD a smaller, hotter version of myself.

      Pipe dream, I’m sure. 😉

      See you in Feb!

  7. You are brave to watch yourself back. I refuse to listen to my blissdom session from last year. REFUSE.

    Thanks for the link!

    Happy day,

  8. Seriously, GF? I’ve seen that face before on you 🙂 LOL



  9. Cute sweater. I cannot wait to hug you in person. And I am counting on getting that virus that make you barf and lose 10 pounds in a week. I used to count on getting it every January and I think that’s what kept me from gaining 10 pounds every year. Now I blame it on blogging.

  10. Wooohooo! My blog is part of your blog’s ADD!!! 😉

    And hey!: those expressions (and that body language!) are those of a relaxed public speaker. You look right at home up at that podium!!

  11. I’m hardly a beauty expert so take this with a grain of salt, but if you suffer from sagging face skin, I highly recommend walking upside down so as to negate the effects of gravity. Takes practice and people might look at you funny at first but it’s better than making a spectacle of yourself by constantly tripping over your own jowls.

    I like those photos of you! You look relaxed and totally approachable!

    Thanks so much for the shout out! 🙂

  12. you do speak with your hands. and you speak very well!

    can’t wait to see you at blissdom! i think i need to finally take the plastic off of my Shred DVD.

    is it a peeve of yours if people don’t capitalize at all in their comment?

  13. Facial expressions you say…of course you got that from your mama.

  14. Looking forward to seeing you at Blissdom, Darcy. I’ll be the one hanging out by myself being all shy. For whatever reason, I’m all of the sudden feeling a little overwhelmed about it. I’m actually not normally shy. I think I am, but I have told people I know that, and they laugh at me. But, for whatever reason, I have suddenly felt really shy about it.

    I also thought I had all kind of time to lose weight before Blissdom. Apparently I was mistaken.

  15. I would love to see you at blissdom, too bad I won’t be there:(
    I agree, you look perfectly relaxed and your posture says you’re in your element!

    My over 25 tip is moisturize!! With sunscreen!! I’m using a wonderful moisturizer by Devita with spf of 30. Wish I’d started being strict with spf when I was 16 working at camp! Alas, I will be paying for it at the dermatologist office;)


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