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Not Back-to-School Blog Hop: Curriculum Week

Not Back-to-School Blog Hop

After hours and hours of research, consultation, lists and that big ol’ investment… what did you finally decide for your curriculum? Please share your choices – by age (or grade) if possible. There is no wrong or right way to share your curriculum! Photos, lists, links… whatever goes.

Please link to your blog post permalink, not your plain blog URL. For example:
WRONG: http://my3boybarians.com
RIGHT: http://my3boybarians.com/not-back-to-school-blog-hop-curriculum-week-2009/

To find your post’s permalink:
After you publish your post, go back to your blog and click on the post’s title. Copy everything in the top browser bar.

The technology isn’t quite ready for us all to display the participating blogs. I hope that will come soon! Until then, holding down Cntl-click or Command-click with the mouse will open the blogs in a new window, allowing you to keep the main list open so you can visit as many bloggy friends as possible.

Come back often to visit new additions all week this week, and next Monday is school room post. Get those “where we do school” photos ready! Grab a button so your bloggy friends can share their hard work, too.


Thank you all for helping to make this a success.


**update: If you do not see your link, you did not link to your post correctly. Please try again! Link to your post, not your blog. **


  1. Sorry I had to cheat. ;) LOL

    Thanks for this awesomestnesst blog hop. You rawk, Darcy. Will you be my cousin, too?

  2. Thanks for hosting such a fun carnival. :)

  3. Thanks for your blog hop! I love it! What a wonderful idea! It’s so encouraging :)

  4. Darcy –

    I had emailed Brent yesterday about the having links open in a new window when they were clicked on and he fixed it in like 10 seconds flat {seriously}. Check it out! :) That’s some service there!

    Looking forward to visiting some other blogs today!

  5. I like McLinky better than the other one i’ve seen in the past. Thanks for this Darcy!

  6. thanks for doing this – i am excited to go read others plans about their year!!! although – it might make me want to change my mind – again!!!!

  7. Just want to tell you that I am REALLY enjoying this. I’ve been visiting all day (well, when I get a minute here and there). Love it!

  8. Whew!! I finally got my post together. I’m so wordy. :-)

  9. I love this idea! I’ve always wanted to participate in one of these :-). I have posted our plans on my blog and I hope it can be a blessing to others. I am having fun reading all the great ideas! http://worldofdicovery.blogspot.com/

  10. this is a wonderful idea! i just wanted to let you know that i am doing a post a day this week, because i wanted to share more about my plan, resources, etc. i’m breaking it up into manageable chunks because i have not yet mastered the delicate art of brevity. :D

  11. This is my first time participating in a blog hop and I’ve been blogging since ’03. I just wrote my post..it’s long. Looking forward to next week.

  12. First time visitor & can’t tell you what a great idea this is. There is so much information and lots of helpful hints in all of these posts. We’ve homeschooled since Jan. but it’s kind of nice starting out a new school year from the beginning. I’m browsing around & learning a lot.

  13. Better Late than never! I can’t wait to read what everyone is using~if I ever find the time :)

  14. Great, great! I’ve already discovered some amazing new things!

    Gotta say, my favorite quote, from one of your readers/linkers is the Kung Fu Panda line, “There is no secret ingredient.” It’s awesome to glean ideas from others, while still maintaining that we’re doing what’s right for us.

    God placed these kids with us for a reason. We know how they learn, how they think (well, sometimes,) and what motivates them. It’s a huge relief to me that GOD thinks I can handle it, so I can stop searching for the perfect schedule, curriculum, book, solution! He is it. We’re IT.

  15. I am addicted! Totally addicted to this blog hop. I have had so much fun hopping from blog to blog & enjoyed the sweet comments others are leaving. What a great idea Darcy! Thank you! I just hope my husband is still speaking to me at the end of this carnival – I’ve been glued to the computer :)

  16. Darcy, I am really enjoying this Blog Hop. Thank you for arranging it for us. I am on #59 of the 128 blogs linked. I really want to read and comment on them all. Ummm, one thing you could do to make it easier for me, please, or at least easier for next week’s topic, would be to have it set up where the links change color after we click on them. You know how some sites do it, that a link will be blue first and ever it is clicked will turn gray or something. Anyway, that would be helpful to me since I keep loosing my place where I am every time I walk away from the computer or go to bed and such.

    Thank you again. I do appreciate all the hard work you have put into this.

    • I emailed Brent Riggs at MckLinky – and he made it happen!

      Now all the links you have visited should follow my blogs’ visited link colors (dark red) instead of red, and aqua while you hover..

      Hope that helps!

      • Hurray!!!! I noticed it right off today, and it popped out to me that I had somehow missed #12 too. Thank you Darcy for going further with this, and thank you Brent for making it happen.

  17. Thanks for hosting this fun carnival. :)

  18. Thank you for hosting this blog hop. It is such a great idea!

  19. Wahh! I’m late to the party. I unplugged Sun-Wed., and just discovered you this morning. I’ve been scrambling all afternoon and evening to get my post ready. So, can I leave my link here anyway? Thanks! http://www.lifeasmom.com/2009/08/homeschool-curriculum-at-fishhouse.html

  20. Nikowa@KHA says:

    Awe man! I was on vaca & missed posting “in time”. Better late than never, I guess. Here’s my link. http://www.knowledgehouseacademy.com/2009/08/our-2009-2010-curriculum.html

  21. I to am a little late… However I went ahead and posted “curriculum week” on my blog and look forward to tomorrow’s post. http://www.homesteadblogger.com/trustingtheLord/141391/

  22. Oops I’m late to. I posted mine last night anyways. Thanks for hosting this!

  23. Another latecomer! I use Ambleside with my three boys, ages 5, 7. and 9. http://everydaybest.blogspot.com/2009/08/coming-homeschool-year.html

  24. Whoops! I guess I am too late to post my link on the Blog Hop above. But if anyone wants to visit, here is my blog posting:

    I’m really looking forward to reading many of the blogs in the weeks to come. :)

  25. Well, here is my link:
    I thought we had all week to post our link. I didn’t know it closed. bummer.

  26. Well BUMMER!!! I got in on the fun a couple of days too late with my curriculum post!


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