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Archives for December 2007

Appyhay Ewnay Earyay

This weekend was supposed to be a trip down south – well more south than Iowa. In Kansas City, it’s predictably 10-20 degrees warmer than the arctic tundra we call Iowa. But our friend Princess Leia got sick, and the boybarians were sooo bummed! So, we’re rough tough Boybarians! We’re not going to sit around […]

Handy Work – Mmmm mmmm mmm.

I am still debating about whether or not I should post the photos of Handy Man’s big ‘April Fools in December’ joke on me. Turns out my “uncomfortable surprise” face is not altogether flattering; nor am I very clever at disguising how I really feel. I really need to work on my facial expressions. Really. […]

We’re stuck and we can’t get out!

The news warned of snow… wind… blustery winter weather. We left early and braved the trip. We made it safe and sound – warm and comfy. We spent the holiday playing dodge ball, basketball, swimming and hanging out at the rec center. And by ‘we’ I mean the boys. 😉 I honed my Christmas treat […]

Contest Time’s Up!

And Random.org says: Sooooo… #2 is The Nester over at The Nesting Place, who said, “I never win anything.” Well, your luck changes today, sista’! You are the winner. Please go easy on me. 😉 Here is The Nester’s current blog: Check back soon to see me unwrap my new Christmas toy and hear about […]

What Does Your Blog Say About You?

You’re hip. You’ve got style. You definitely aren’t one of those fit-a-mold types, right? So why does your blog feel so… generic? There are thousands of articles out there about improving your blog space, keeping reader interest and engaging passers-by. I can’t get into writing style here, but I can help with the aesthetics, at […]

Wordless Wednesday at LWM3B

edit, for clarity: These are from November’s hospitalization. We are still home! Thanks for your well-wishes though. Trouble appears to be on the mend.