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LWM3B’s Very First Contest!

I always love blog contests, and thought… what would Life With My 3 Boybarians readers want that I could possibly offer?

Then Handy Man had the idea, “How ’bout a ‘Win a Date with Handy Man’ contest?” he asks. Such a modest man I married. I voted that down instantly. Handy Man is quite a catch, true. But he’s stuck with me. He said so at the altar in front a lot of witnesses. 😉

So, inspired by room makeover contests, Handy Man and I are going to host our first “Blog Makeover” contest! How to Enter – quite simply, leave a comment. Show us your blog. In *one* simple line, tell us why you need a pretty new blog header. Then, come back on Tuesday to find out who will win a customized new header/title graphic for their blog. Winner and I can work together to find a pretty new photo, caption, font and color scheme to make the former blog-in-need-of-a-makeover into a swell, hip, personalized space!

Let the games begin, and tell your friends!


  1. Mom2legomaniacs says:

    Well, quite simply, I have no header and don’t know how to put one in as I am totally new at this!

    BTW, your boys are adorable!


  2. Mama Podkayne says:

    I’m new at this too. I can use the google templates and that’s about it….BUT I can talk historic architecture for hours!

    I keep changing my templates. Nothing fits us. If I don’t win I would love a simple “how to” on changing the header. That would help. Also, I’m not far fr you geographically and I am not opposed to bribing the judge here. I make a mean pumpkin curry soup.



    I have another blog too, for my house sale, but that’s a long story.

  3. pham_haynes says:

    Wish I had a blog to enter into your contest. 😉 Great idea and sounds loads of fun for the winner.

    I enjoyed your last blog about that little girl. The title drew me in…reminded me of “Charlie’s Angels”. LOL

    PS Is it me? I can’t see any pictures from the last 2 blogs…just lots of blank spaces. The boybarians’ schoolwork was visible, but nothing since. My new computer? EEKs!

  4. Anonymous says:

    I don’t think my hubby would appreciate the date with a handy man anymore than you would! ROFLOL

    I’d love a blog header!! I’ve seen so many moms with them, and have no idea how to make one! 🙂

    My blog:

  5. Oops, *I* am the anonymous one above…

  6. I could use a new blog header! I used to fancy myself quite computer savvy, but as I become more child savvy I find myself becoming less and less computer savvy. I couldn’t even seem to get a printer configured the other day. *sigh* I don’t know if it’s the loss of brain cells that comes with motherhood, the loss of time that also comes with said profession, or just that I’m getting old but I have not been able to get more creative with my blog that the templates.

    I guess that was a pretty long single statement. I hope it doesn’t disqualify me, but it should give you the rambling sense of my blog. 😉

  7. McTriplet Mommy says:

    Darn – my computer froze and I lost my last message!

    It said, “I already have a cool header (I actually *won* that one, too, from a photo captioning contest on my friend, STef’s, site!) so can I try for a date with Handy Man??!! 🙂

  8. Anonymous says:

    Oh, me – please me! I really enjoy writing my new blog and posting pictures but I absolutely hate the lay-out and really wish I had the ability to make it look and work better.

    My blog is so boring and blah. Plus I want better stuff on my sidelines and I haven’t figured out how to change that kind of thing around yet.


    Sarah CB

  9. my5wolfcubs says:

    Because you *love* visiting my blog…except for the cold, impersonal feeling the icy-blue header gives you.

    Gorgeous, gorgeous job on “Imagine” — I love it!!

  10. I made my own blog header, but it isn’t cool. I changed my template 4 times this weekend. I really need creative help.

  11. I’m fairly new to the whole blogging thing. I thought I’d dig into it and get mine set up, but haven’t had time yet and may never! Help would be most appreciated!

  12. Tami, part-time blogger - full time scrapbooker says:

    My blog needs a makeover and I am clueless of how to dress it up. No self-respecting mom should have to live with the shame of a 2 column blog with a plain background! ; )

    Are you sure you wouldn’t want to trade your Handyman for my Iron Chef for a while? I never have to cook! : ))


  13. I may be a *risk* for you…I don’t blog! The more I read blogs the more intrigued I become and think, “Hey, I can do this!?!”

    This may be the motivation I need to walk down the bloggers road:O)

    Thank you for hosting a great contest!

  14. Tina in WA says:

    I would be truly grateful to have a more “personal” blog header.




  15. I have only ever been able to use a regular blogger template, and would truly love a header with a fresh look – one that reflects who the kids and I are, and I have no clue how to do it!