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“Where did you go, Darcy??”

I get that question a lot, lately. It’s true it’s been awfully quiet over here at my3boybarians.com. I still haven’t decided what I’ll do with this space. Ironically, I get just as many visits now as I did when I was blogging, thanks to my 31 Days series going viral on pinterest. What are you guys trying to tell me??

So some questions, I’ll answer them all here instead of repeat-peat-peat-peat-peating them in DMs and PMs on social media.

Are you still blogging?

Yup! I blog over at my photo site now: http://hisandhersphotography.com/blog/ I’d love to come have you visit!

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Are you going to come back to this blog?

I’m honestly not sure yet. Blogging was easier when 1 – I had more time, and 2 – my boys were little. I’ve got one who is almost a teenager, and well, he’s got an opinion these days on what I write about him and how much I talk about. It’s easy to write from my perspective when babies are babies. But when they hit those pre-teen and teen years, having your mom blog about you is worse than having to been seen having her hug or kiss you in public. “SO EMBARRASSING, MOM!”

Where do you post these days?

Even though my online time has been cut fractionally to what it once was – I still post almost daily on Facebook and I give a sneak peek into almost every shoot we do. I’d love come have you swing by, see the babies and say hi. I’d love to see what you’ve been up to and what you’re shooting, too, so you can always leave me a message on FB.


Is the 31 Days going to be made into an ebook. It’s only been 2+ years!

I know, right? I have the best intentions to make this available. I am going to rewrite parts to clarify things that I’ve gotten emails about. I’d like to update all the images and post clarifications requested by the readers. I have no idea how to format an ebook at this time, and my studio has been super busy. So yes. The ebook is on the to-do list. But my clients, their babies, and the needs of my photography business come first!

In the meantime, all the 31 Days posts can be found here: 31 Days to a Better Photo and 31 Days of Photo Tips

Are you available to shoot my baby / child / family?

Yes, of course! This is what I do! I’m located in the Des Moines, Iowa area and shoot babies and families from all over the midwest! Please book while you are still pregnant so I don’t have to turn away anyone. I always try to get in every baby, but I only accept 2 newborns a week – so we book out pretty far in advance. Babies tend to think those due dates are just, you know… suggestions… so sometimes I can get in a baby last minute. ;) Just contact me, and I’ll always do my best to get every baby in.

My husband and I co-shoot families and children. It’s fun to work with him because we are so used to each other’s methods and MO, we can do a shoot almost wordlessly now – and know exactly what the other needs. Randy is also a ROCK STAR senior portrait photographer, and he blows me away with his talent and creativity. He won a big award this year. (Proud wife moment!)

Lastly – I’d love to hear what you all are shooting these days, especially the “grads” of the 31 Days series. I invite you to leave your blog link or share where you are posting your work these days below in the comments. WordPress will block anyone who posts 2 or more links, so pick 1 so your comment doesn’t go to spam. I’d love to see what you’re shooting!

Thank you all for hanging out with me for the duration and years of this blog. I’ve enjoyed the blogging community and bloggy friends I’ve made, and I hope to keep up with as many of you as possible at my current URL and Facebook. See you there!


Merry Christmas!

From my family to yours… hope this holiday finds you surrounded by those you love best!

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Witty Fall-ish Title Here

my bloggy bestie ruthanne at eclectic whatnot

I got a notification from Kindle that they believe I should cancel my blog subscription available through the kindle for lack of posting. I think that means I’m due for an update. It’s crunch time in the photography world. We shoot a lot of family portraits this time of year – people want updated images […]

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Oh, hello October.

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In my head it’s still somewhere around late July. Since 2873462875195 of you have asked: No, I’m not writing a 31 Days this October. Sorry Charlies. Can’t do it. In the photography world, this is Go Time – particularly if you live anywhere in the northern half of the country. Leaves are changing, weather is […]

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A Photoshoot with My Own <3


When you’re a photographer, it’s pretty easy to put down the camera when you get home. After all, it feels like “the office”. But when the Boybarians had the chance to shoot with some ah-maze-ing pirate costumes, we jumped at the chance. The costumes were provided by BuyPirateCostumes.com and modeled here by my boys. Randy […]

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Sick and tired of being sick and tired!

randy and darcy milder | iowa photographers

A year ago, I was working 70-hour work weeks. I felt chained to my computer – while I loved the projects, the blogging, and the social media, I didn’t love the sense of total sedentary physical inactivity that went along with so many hours in front of a computer. I was cranking out fun and […]

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